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347 playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Rock'en good time music | you'll want to dance, even if you don't | strong bass/drum backing drives a dance beat | funky lead guitar adds to the excitement | lead singer Francesca Gordiani is a star and has as much fun as anyone in the audience | A+++ must hear & dance, GENRES: Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Rock

parkerParker's Take:

“Get Up and Dance” is not a song I heard Band 347 play on that Friday at Madison Station & Grill. Yet this late classic rock era song perfectly encapsulates the essence of 347: Get on the dance floor and have a great time.
Part of that vibe comes from the duo of Tim O'Brien on bass guitar and Jay Balcerek on drums. They’re the foundation. And that foundation gravitates towards music with a dance beat.  Tim emphasizes the lowest notes on his 4 string and Jay’s bass drum keeps a steady thump.  Together there is a pound-pound-pound-pound rhythm to the band that reaches directly into the listener’s legs. Get Up and Dance!
Jeff Goebel’s lead and backing guitar completes the group’s instrumentation in its current incarnation.  Jeff’s a seasoned rocker who knows how to play that funky music up and down the neck.  If there is a center of 347, Jeff is it.

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

Singer Francesca Gordiani, despite her younger years, is right at home performing classic rock songs. On stage she has as much fun as anyone on the dance floor.  She makes you feel as if there’s a party going on and you’re invited. Her vocals are strong yet relaxed. No one can deny she has a special vocal and performance gift.
Check out some of the video links listed on this page, or better yet, go to a 347 performance. Wear your dancing shoes and prepare to party.
Band 347, A+++ must hear & dance.

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