5 O'Clock Charlie playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

3 or 4 piece classic rock band with a much larger sound | a beat that will have you tapping your foot or hands uncontrollably , GENRES: Classic Rock, Rock

5 O'Clock Charlie
Above: 5 O'Clock Charlie as a trio at Sports Page Lounge & Deli
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Humphrey's Bar & Grill ... Friday, February 28 9:00 pm-12:30

parkerParker's Take

Better bring some twine along if you don’t want your feet tapping constantly at a 5 O'clock Charlie performance. I first noticed the phenomenon after stepping up to the bar at Sports Page Lounge & Deli to order a meal and drink. As I leaned over the counter to flag the waitress I became aware of a tap tap tap. It was my right foot tapping to the beat. I ordered my foot to cease its public display, only to be ignored at the bar and later my table.
The reason for the uncontrollable foot tap, I figured out, is this: a combination of a loose, yet precise drumming and an equally loose, yet precise distorted rhythm and lead guitar. The bass man takes the drummer’s lead.  The result is rock that drags your poor foot (or hand) along to tap tap tap.  And it wasn’t just me.
Listening to their version of Tom Petty’s Breakdown and Neil Young’s Heart of Gold song, I was struck by how “un classic” their versions of these classic rock songs were. They retained what made these songs span the test of time while adding more than a little of themselves.  The best classic rock bands not only remind us of some of the great tunes of yesterday, but bring them forward to today.  That’s what 5 O’ clock Charlie did for these and other songs I heard.