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Alex Hendrix playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Part folk, part country, part rock singer-songwriter in the vein of Judy Collins, GENRES: Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Rock

Alex Hendrix
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Maitland Conservatory ... Saturday, April 13 7:00 pm "Huntsville native singer/songwriter Alex Hendrix writes candidly about her own struggles with mental illness, in lyric-centric songs that highlight empathy and gritty honesty. Join us for an evening of her music and stories that show we can own our struggle because we are not alone." FMI Facebook

parkerParker's Take:

Tell me a story, will ya?
Well, it wasn’t always this way. When I was born there were very few singer-songwriters.  And of those fewer still were known across America.
But that changed when musicians like Carole King, Carly Simon, Paul Simon, Judy Collins and many others of similar mold came along. They were writing songs that were part folk, part Americana and part rock.  When they performed them you felt as if they were singing to you.
Music changed overnight. 
Alex Hendrix
Alex Hendrix performs covers and originals, generally solo with just guitar in hand. Like the singer-songwriters I mentioned above, Alex's best instrument is her vocals which make you feel like she is singing just to you.
And while her vocals are her own, they caused me to think what would had happened if Judy Collins has been borne in the south rather than Seattle.
As of this writing in 2018 Alex Hendrix performances ‘orbit’ between Huntsville, Scottsboro and several points in Florida. 
Use to keep up with her performances locally or for her wider circle go to her touring page on facebook.
Check out this Facebook video.