The Dozens playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Six piece band | Powerful and present female lead singer | Alabama roots (and it shows), GENRES: Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Rock

The Dozens
Above: The Dozens

parkerParker's Point of View:

What stood out for me the first time I heard The Dozens is how all the pieces fit so well together. There's not a misfiring cylinder among the six people in the band. From Shelly Butler's vocals to Chip Dews lead guitar, Brent Irvin's bass, Steve Butler on drums, Travis Posey on guitar and a solid foundational B3 organ provided by Dan Hoctor... The Dozens just work together well.
I remember thinking... Shelly Butler's vocal reminded me of someone... who was it? Yes... Janis Joplin, without Janis's signature screaming. Shelly's words cut through and sit atop the music played by a well oiled band.
There's not much more that I can say. Except they are good.
May 2016

Upcoming The Dozens Gigs

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