Ben Luthy playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Singer-Songwriter | Influences David Byrne, Tool, Bob Seger, Jack Johnson, GENRES: Acoustic, Rock

Ben Luthy
Above: Ben Luthy can also be found with his band Falcon Punch.

Benjamin Luthy is a consummate entertainer. It’s not that he sings and dances like Gene Kelly. But he pleases the crowds of fans in the same way: Give’em what they want, and they’ll be back! At Stem and Stein Wine Cellar and Bar the other evening, it was no different. The back patio was packed with fans. In fact, it was SRO.
Ben Luthy sings with a soulful sound, and he plays the guitar with great expertise, but always with one goal in mind: to please his crowd of fans.  Every performance consists of different set lists. In fact, often there are no set lists. Ben knows instinctively which songs his audiences want to hear. If he overlooks a favorite, his fans have no problem calling out a request. Ben encourages his fans to do that, in fact. He obliges all requests, and if he does not have the song committed to memory, he relies on the Internet to help him out with the lyrics and chords. It all comes together.
Ben sang the usual favorites, but what stood out for me this time was his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.  I love Ben’s raspy voice, and his switched- up rhythms to that song. I was waiting for Ben to sing some of his originals. He didn’t disappoint me. He sang a couple of songs coming out soon on Falcon Punch’s album. What a treat!  His song-writing is stellar.
I am finding that most artists I review are reluctant to play too many originals for fear of alienating the crowd. I, for one, wish all the local artists would play MORE of their originals. Cover tunes satisfy, but originals really showcase the artists’ talent and their souls. I love original music, and I listen to lyrics intently (alas, I’m a language prof) as well as the melodies. Songwriters who perform their own work in an intimate venue are always a joy to hear. I could tell the audience appreciated Ben’s treating it to a peek into his upcoming album. He and the rest of the members of Falcon Punch have been recording during the month of May, so we should be able to own a record soon.
If you have the chance to see Ben Luthy as a solo artist, or with his band Falcon Punch, I guarantee you will have a good time!
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