Keith Taylor (Pianist) playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

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Keith Taylor (Pianist)
Above: Keith Taylor
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Cyn Shea's Cafe ... Saturday, December 28 10:30 am-1:30 Keith Taylor Trio performs Jazz music

It was Saturday morning brunch at Cyn Shea's Cafe. Apparently the Jazz group was on a break when we arrived, but soon we noticed the members of Keith Taylor’s group making their way to the stage area. Parker and I were perfectly seated to optimize our listening and viewing experience. Mr. Taylor is the Director of the Music Dept. at University of Alabama at Huntsville, and appears every Saturday. On this particular Saturday, Ken Waters, the UAH Jazz Band director joined Professor Taylor. On Saxophone, a local favorite; a stellar young musician whose name I regret to say, I did not discover.
Parker spoke with his proud father on one of the band’s breaks for a few minutes, so I assumed he secured the name. While he discovered the young man is a college freshman in a University in Texas, on a music scholarship, and that he studied under professors at UAH while he was a high school student, his name eluded Parker’s attention.  Keith Taylor puts together Jazz combos for wedding, receptions, parties and venues like Cynn Shea’s. 
Keith’s choice this day of Professor Waters as his horn player was thrilling to hear. A great musician, with smooth, cool jazz licks, Waters is a perfect match for Taylor’s skilled and easy to hear piano/keyboard parts. They blended so perfectly, and I was in Heaven! Two of my brothers were accomplished trumpet players, so I have a soft spot in my heart for a good horn player. On several songs, Ken Waters stepped down and invited a gentleman to sit in with the group. He was an older musician, highly skilled, and we were extremely impressed with his “chops”.
I expect university professors to be highly skilled, and at the “top of their game”. However, when the young college freshman started playing his sax, I was awed. This “kid” is no doubt going to be famous one day, cutting records and playing his sax all over the world. That is my prediction. His proud father told Parker that Jazz bands in the area call him to “sit in” when they know he is home from college. Professor Taylor made a wise choice because this student is a protégé, in my opinion. Since the band members change, I imagine there is always a different feel to the “concerts”  here at Cyn Shea’s  on Saturdays.