Dave Anderson playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama


Veteran performer and songwriter with excellent audience engagement skills | guaranteed good fun and listening., GENRES: 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, Americana, Rock

Dave Anderson
Above: Dave Anderson

Parker's Comments:

Dave Anderson is a veteran musician and songwriter. He’s a confident performer who engages well with the audience and they him. The night we saw him found a room full of Cheers-like regulars and small groups of single women huddled around tables, all entertained by his musical abilities and humor.

Audience appreciation that night could be measured in the number of drinks delivered by grateful audience members to the gracious performer. Dave must have just wet his lips out of courtesy. Judging by the number of drinks so delivered, most musicians would have been horizontal on the floor. In other words, the audience liked him a lot.

That night at A.M. Booth's "Lumberyard" Dave played classic rock songs by Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen, Black Sabbath and others.  At one point he took an audience request for “Sweet Home Alabama”. I have a feeling he’s done that song a time or thousand before. You should have heard the audience erupt in laughter when his guitar and melody was Sweet Home but the words were from Black Sabbath's “War Pigs” (which he had just finished playing).   It was a wonderful wild and spontaneous experience.  (Try it yourself mixing the words from one song you know well with the music from another song in real time. Hard!)

When the audience laughter subsided, Dave announced that all remaining songs for the night would have the music and melody of the desired song with the War Pigs lyrics.  Everyone cracked up again including yours truly and Annabelle. It was a just-for-fun statement but I bet he could have pulled that off.

Next time you hear him play, listen for the exceptional lead guitar licks he sometimes does while he plays rhythm guitar at the same time. And that's without "looping".

Speaking of looping....

Dave employed looping techniques to transform himself from a solo performance into a full band complete with backing vocals, harmony, lead guitar, backing guitar, low bass and percussion. It takes a few minutes to do this before each song can be performed.

Honestly, while Dave’s looping techniques and results were some of the finest I have heard using this technique, I think looping too many songs in a row brings on a degree of listener fatigue. The songs did sound like a full band in many ways, and his guitar, “bass” and vocal performance is top flight. But looping by definition tends to level out the fine changes in music speed and intensity that only a real full band can deliver. I'd rather a looping song be the rare exception for variety's sake. . But hey... that's just a music preference and I'm sure there are many who would disagree.

We will definitely be back to hear him again.

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