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Kelly Joyner playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Vocalist , GENRES: Classic Rock, Country, Country Blues

Kelly Joyner
Above: Kelly sings alternate weeks with musician Jeff Goebel as part of "Acoustic Nights" at Hoppers Bar & Grill (Holiday Inn).

Listening to Kelly Joyner sing cover tunes with Jeff Goebel at Hopper’s Bar & Grill, I was struck by her range, her vocal prowess, her stage presence, her sheer ability to make you forget you are in Huntsville. Her singing is so beautiful, and she is so beautiful to gaze upon, I felt like I was in a dream, or in Heaven. No, I wasn’t drinking. Kelly is just that good!
When Kelly sang My Heart Will Go On, I was sobbing, cold, and desperate, floating in the water next to the sinking Titanic. When she sang Save Your Soul, I was sitting next to a friend in a theatre in Baltimore, thinking Jewel wrote that song for him.
This is not to say Kelly Joyner is not her own person. Certainly she brings her own blood, sweat, and tears to each song. One has the feeling, though, that she is singing just for you…. Just for you.
Kelly’s choice of songs to perform with Jeff  is always crowd pleasing. We have seen them twice so far. We were dazzled by her art, her beauty, and presence. Perhaps even more amazing is her willingness to talk to everyone in between sets. During such a chat, I learned she has a husband, and several small children. I know motherhood is the toughest gig on Earth, but Kelly seems to manage that as well as her career with grace. I’m sure her husband is a supportive partner. I wonder if she sings around the house? If I am lucky enough to interview her one day, I’ll let you know that, and much more.
In the meantime, do yourself a favor and get over to Hopper’s Bar & Grill to hear Kelly Joyner perform with Jeff Goebel. Bring some friends with you.  Check her schedule below.

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