Live Music Venue Beauregard's, Huntsville, Alabama

"Huntsville's Buffalo Wings" according to their website | Beer & Wine | "Multi-Cuisine"

Above: Clay O'Dell performs at Beauregard's. Besides the bar area, there is a more traditional restaurant area and second bar in an adjacent room. There's also an outside patio. The "garage like doors" you see here are opened in good weather; this photo was taken from the outside! The doors lend a very "open feeling" to an already spacious room.
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Beauregard's Restaurant/Bar is conveniently located just off Memorial Parkway in what used to be "The Original Public House". Although the inside is still quite similar to its "OPH era", that is where the similarity stops.
We were well pleased with Beauregard's menu, prices and service. I had the fish and chips which consisted of a LARGE piece of cod, a small helping of fries, and unique hand-chopped coleslaw. I could have ordered the cod baked but I decided to be bad. Here’s the menu, check it out yourself.
The music area was packed and so was the traditional restaurant area located in an adjacent room. We lucked out and got the last remaining four seat table within eye and earshot of the musician.
One of the big disappointments when we previously visited The Original Public House (three times) was the service.  Now, with Beauregard's, there were plenty of smiling wait staff around, and the evening manager could be seen buzzing about to keep things moving.  It was really a very positive experience.
There is no music stage; instead the performer plays from one corner of the room. It actually brings the musician closer to the audience. We liked it.
Clay O’Dell played the evening of our visit, and as of this writing, they also have headliner Dave Anderson playing weekly.  Better come early to secure seating.
We liked our first experience at Beauregard's, its music, food (although we only had one meal... will have to go back to try more) and outstanding service.  If you were less than fully satisfied with The Original Public House, know that there is a new sheriff in town and give Beauregard's a try.
fish and chipsAbove: Our Fish & Chips. Yum.

Beauregard's doesn't have any live music scheduled, that we know of.

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