Best Musical Acts of the Rockin' City for 2017

Vote in the 1st Annual's Best Musical Acts of the Rockin' City. Vote until December 20, 2017. Winners announced on December 21, 2017. There will be First Place, Second Place and Honorable Mention for each category.

(1) Please see notes at bottom of page.
(2) Don't be shy about going to your facebook feeds, etc and putting out the word to vote. You don't want to take a lower place than you deserve - because people who follow you did not know about voting. There is nothing wrong with getting the word out. This is not about, it's about having voting results that represent a fair consensus of area music lovers. Or said another way, given two performers both equally talented and followed, he/she/they who gets the word out to their followers and friends will win. Level the playing field - get the word out.

  • Instructions: check up to 3 boxes in each category then enter your email address and click the 'Get Vote Validation Email' Button.


Note: Want to learn about an artist? We have reference pages for most artists. Many include video links. Go here to view the master list.

2017 Best Male Solo Performer

2017 Best Female Solo Performer

2017 Best Classic Rock Music

2017 Best Rock Music

2017 Best Blues, R&B & Soul Music

2017 Best Country Music

2017 Best Jazz Music


When done selecting your desired musical acts, please enter your email address below & click the button. A VALIDATION EMAIL WILL BE SENT TO YOU WITH A LINK TO CLICK. Once clicked, your votes will be counted.

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Artist notes:
  • It's our intention to list all artists  that have played at least 5 gigs (Category 'rock') and 3 gigs (all other categories) in Huntsville and/or Madison in 2017. Open Mics/Jams do not count. Our data is less than perfect.
  • Send corrections to
  • Ties will be settled by coin toss.