Live Music Venue Bishop's Eastside Pub & Grill, Huntsville, Alabama

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Bishop's Eastside Pub & Grill
Above: David Holland and the Bootleggers performing at Bishops.

Parker's Comments

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The Friday night I visited Bishop's Eastside Pub & Grill found crowds of people unwinding from a long, hot week. Families and friends were huddled around tables, as couples, young and old, enjoyed live music and the party around them. The corner music stage has plenty of space in front for couples to dance. Smoke filled the air in 50’s fashion and waitresses were seen darting back and forth with trays of bar food like burgers, chicken and nachos.

And then there was the band - David Holland and the Bootleggers who entertained from the slightly raised stage in a darkened corner of the main dining area.

Bishop’s looks like a small place when judged from the outside. But that would be wrong - there is plenty of space to hear music, enjoy a drink or play a game.

It’s a fun community bar and grill.

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