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Tim Cannon

Solo performer with a large repertoire of songs | Great with crowds | Wide variety of musical styles, GENRES: Acoustic, Blues, Classic Rock, Pop, Soul

From the Musician:
Last minute gigs welcomed depending on price & availability. I'm good at relaxing a crowd and will do requests. My goal is to promote the venue. I'm very proud to have been fan selected as best soloist in classic rock (2017) and finalist for best overall solo performer (2018)
Quick Reference:
HuntsvilleMusic.com First Hand Observation #1
A popular performer who aims to please, taking some requests from patrons. I had the feeling his set list is quite full though, since he easily flowed from one cover song to the next with little or no speaking between songs.

Tim’s style is bluesy with a southern folk-rock bent. His guitar work is solid. At times the sound system made it difficult to hear the words, which is always frustrating for me. I am a lyrics maniac. Tim’s raspy voice is well suited to most of the songs I heard him play, especially Aretha’s “Chain of Fools” and Prince’s “Purple Rain”.  “Over the Rainbow” was well received by the patrons requesting it. It is hard to beat Judy’s version or Jewel’s more modern take on that song.

Overall, I enjoyed Tim’s performance and was especially moved by his gracious thank you toward a shy, little girl placing money in his tip jar for her mother. I hope by the end of the evening the jar was fuller than when we saw it.

Tim always puts on a solid show, so when I saw again recently, he was singing and walking around the venue with his wireless guitar, speaking to fans and never missing a beat.
HuntsvilleMusic.com First Hand Observation #2
I've heard Tim Cannon perform multiple times. Three things to know about Tim. First, he's a dedicated full time singer-songwriter. When you hear his originals, you'll think he must be a visiting Nashville artist. (Want to hear some his originals and get to know him better? Listen to Annabelle's Round Table Talk with Tim Cannon. I know you'll be impressed.)

Second, he loves to interact with the audience. You'll feel welcome when you make a song request, and he'll give it his all even if it's a song he has not performed publicly before.

Don't be surprised if he comes over and says hello during a break.  He sincerely wants to know if his audience is enjoying the music - be it as background to an intimate conversation or the center focus of a good-time with friends.

Third, he entertains.  At a recent Rocket Republic Brewing Company performance, he walked the large floor with guitar in hand as he smiled and interacted on a personal basis with the audience. While he was talking he was playing a soothing, jazzy-blues lead on his wireless electric guitar. It wasn't a show; it was Tim being friendly with his audience.

I guess this is why he is so popular. Give him a listen. And a big tip. :)
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