Live Music Venue Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill, Huntsville, Alabama

"Cajun classics and original creations" | Beer | mixed drinks | inside & outside seating

Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill
Above: Brandon Elder provided crowd pleasing entertainment at the Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill. There's also outside seating.

Parker's Take:

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Located in Twickenham Square next to Publix & Huntsville Hospital in downtown Huntsville, The Cajun Steamer Bar and Grill serves a full menu of Cajun foods and fixin's. Check out the menu here (be sure to choose their Huntsville location to get the correct menu).
They had half priced hurricanes the day of our visit and they(!) were de-lish.  There are enough large TVs on the wall to keep sports fans happy, and on nice days you can sit outside in a fenced area to enjoy the open air.
I ordered red beans & sausage ($9.95, one of the lesser expensive meals as of Jul 2017) with a side of Cajun flavored mashed potatoes. For an appetizer I stayed with the sausage theme and had a cup of chicken & sausage gumbo. Having been to New Orleans twice I’d say my red beans and sausage were comparable to what I had in and near the French Quarter. However, more testing will be required before drawing any conclusions... :)
I was duty bound to try a dessert so Annabelle and I ordered a slice of chocolate cake to split. It passed the chocolate density test for this chocoholic. It was kind of a thin slice for the price ($6.95), but maybe that was all for the better.
Brandon Elder provided the music for visit. The ‘Steamer has a corner area that is well suited for a solo or duo act.
So check out the Huntsville's Cajun Steamer Bar and Grill the next time you get the hankering for something different than standard American food.
Above: Red Beans and Sausage with a side of cajun flavored mashed potatoes.
Above: Shrimp platter
Above: Sausage and Chicken Gumbo
Above: Chocolate Cake.  Extra dense and yummy!

Upcoming live music at Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill:

Original and cover tunes | performs as solo, duo and with band | Americana, folk, classic rock, rock Americana, Rock, Acoustic