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Carl Thomas, President & Sales Manager

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Carl Thomas
Hi! My name is Carl Thomas and I have performed and written music for over 20 years through a number of bands, duos, and as a solo artist. I am a native of the greater Huntsville area, and I absolutely love the history and personality of this city.

Over the years I have performed in just about every venue in Huntsville, so I understand the artist's point of view, while also having a firm understanding of what venues need as well. After struggling through keeping a full booking schedule myself for many years, while also finding success in Huntsville's professional world as a Realtor, an Apartment Community Manager, and owning/running multiple businesses, I saw a major potential for our live music scene here to grow. That potential drove me to work incredibly hard at creating ways to give musicians and the venues that support them a platform that would be noticed not only by the city itself, but by other music-focused cities like Nashville and Atlanta.

In 2016 I met an amazing guy that I now consider a very dear friend, Rick “Parker” Dieffenbach. After realizing the incredible web building skills Rick had, his heart for the local music scene, and his unending creativity, I knew that teaming with him would be a sure way to shine a spotlight on music in the Rockin’ City and surrounding areas. I am incredibly honored to play a small part in the amazing things to come in our live music scene!

You can visit my Real Estate Site or read what other's say about me or Book Me for a live music performance

-Carl Thomas

Rick 'Parker' Dieffenbach, Creative Director

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Rick 'Parker' Dieffenbach

Hello! My name is Rick Dieffenbach ‘tho I go by Parker sometimes.

Huntsville is my adopted home. I moved here in no small part because it offered a rich mix of live music opportunities as an audience member.

I had fallen in love with music as a young boy in the 60s when the Beatles appeared. My friends and I played Beatle songs on toy guitars. 'Ringo' used a garbage can top as a drum. Yeah yeah yeah!

I’m a retired Navy Civil Engineering Officer, was married to the love of my life for 25 years. In between I owned a web development company for a number of years. Today, every day is an adventure and joy. Every day is Christmas.

Together with my friend and musician extraordinaire Carl Thomas, a love of live music and my web development background combined to create . Why? Music is the easiest and best way to enjoy a moment, a day and a lifetime. It can help you see light during dark times. Bring strength during sad times. And deliver even more joy to the best of times.

If Carl and I can help you find the music you love, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.

-Rick 'Parker'