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Weekly Music at Cove Church

Hear amazing music performed weekly by outstanding musicians at Cove Church, Chase Campus

Each musician has painstakingly honed their craft to offer a professional sound with a deeper purpose attached to the music. You will be inspired each week by worship songs similar to those that you grew up with as well as new contemporary pieces.

Cove Church, Chase Campus is very casual, not requiring or expecting anyone to look a certain way. Instead, they want you to come as you are, and enjoy with them the very accepting, laid-back atmosphere they offer there. Ryan Epps (in the photo at rightabove) is the Pastor at the Chase Campus, and he is as real as it gets. The music, and powerful messages Ryan delivers each week, will make you glad you came.

For more information on service times, the music or events offered at the Chase campus, visit covechurch.com or connect through their Facebook page.

Discover Hope, Develop Faith & Demonstrate Love

Find them at:
Cove Church (Chase Campus)
1635 Winchester Rd NE
Huntsville, AL (map)

Call them:
(256) 539-2683

Learn more about us:
Cove Church website
Cove Church Facebook Page