Live Music Venue Cyn Shea's Cafe, Huntsville, Alabama

Restaurant | live jazz music for Saturday brunch | very family friendly

Cyn Shea's Cafe
Above: Keith Taylor on the keyboard playing easy-listening jazz at Cyn Shea's weekly Saturday morning brunch. He surrounds himself with talented Jazz players and the occasional vocalist.

Parker's Point of View:

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If you love live jazz, as well as meals “made from scratch”, then Cyn Shea’s is the place to be on Saturdays from 10:30 am-1:30. A Jazz group serenades visitors from a small corner stage. The group consists of several instrumentalists and occasionally a vocalist. Guest players pull up a chair, while older more experienced players work with young talent. The love of jazz is well apparent, and it rubs off on the audience.
The group is lead by Keith Taylor who plays keyboard. I found myself humming his keyboard bass parts as if I had my bass. I absolutely loved it.
While Keith is usually there each week, you'll often see different supporting players. This keeps Cyn Shea's jazz brunch music fresh and new.
As for the food, Cyn Shea's website says 'made from scratch'. I found my white chili outstanding. They offer free coffee refills and fresh baked goods. Be prepared for a cafeteria style food pickup complete with trays, but presumably that helps keep costs down. A waitstaff member will carry over food that can not  be picked up immediately on the serving line.
Cyn Shea's itself is brightly lit and spacious. The atmosphere on the Saturday morning I visited was upbeat and chatty. By all appearances so clean one could eat off the floor.
One very touching thing about Cyn Shea's- outside was a table where soup was available for anyone who was hungry, e.g., homeless people. The crosses adorning the inside of Cyn Shea's were more than just decorations. They were a genuine statement of faith as evidenced by the food table for homeless. This is the first time I have ever seen this in my life and I was very, very touched.
I thoroughly enjoyed the music, the food and the atmosphere. I plan on returning in a couple weeks when my sister arrives for a visit.
Visit date: 28 May 2016
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As soon as one enters Cynshea’s Café you notice the fine décore; tables neatly arranged, not too close together, but still creating an intimate atmosphere. I am a fan of good jazz and good brunch food. We made our way to the back of the large café where we looked at the menu on the wall; easy to read, by the way. They also have printed menus for those who prefer to hold a menu while making decisions. The menu, as the physical layout of the café, is well thought-out.
There is even a kid’s Breakfast menu. Everything is made from scratch, including the breads. What a find! I was already thrilled Parker had discovered this place.  I didn’t hear any music so far, but I did see a stage area, filled with guitars, a keyboard, and a trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, and a saxophone.
EVERY SATURDAY 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. you can enjoy items from the Brunch Menu or the regular menu. I selected the Cranberry-Orange French Toast, served with real maple syrup. I was raised in REAL maple syrup country, so I am a stickler that restaurants, especially good ones, should serve “the real stuff” with breakfast items. My choice was very good. Parker chose the white chili. He had no complaints. I selected a Specialty beverage to accompany my brunch, suddenly feeling excited about being at this venue.  Might as well try the Fuzzy Navel! Everything was delicious, presented beautifully.
There are plenty of wait staff milling around, clearing dishes as needed, and clearing tables as folks left. Note: I did not see too many folks leave!   Patrons were eating and chatting all around the café. I would not hesitate to bring well-behaved children.  The venue is clean and  bright; a friendly environment, and I applaud Cyn Shea’s effort to provide Huntsville with a cool Jazz place to “hang” during the daylight hours. This is not your smoky jazz dive from an old B&W movie. I suspect Cyn Shea’s will be around for a long time.  I hope Professor Taylor and his “band du jour” will be in attendance for a long time as well. 

Upcoming live music at Cyn Shea's Cafe:

... Feb 22, 2020 10:30 am-1:30 Brunch between 9-2
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