Dave McConnell ('The Sinatra Guy') playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

A "Frank Sinatra Performer" , GENRES: 1950's, 1960's, Jazz

Dave McConnell ('The Sinatra Guy')
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Nick's Ristorante ... Saturday, February 22 6:00 pm-8:59 Dining room 6-8, lounge 8-9
    Nick's Ristorante ... Saturday February 22 6:00 pm-8:59 Dining room 6-8, lounge 8-9
    Luciano Italian Restaurant ... Tuesday February 25 6:00 pm-8:00 "Dave McConnell has been crooning jazz standards in the style of Frank Sinatra since 2001. Dave’s uncanny ability to channel the Sinatra vibe earned him the nickname “The Sinatra Guy” shortly after he began performing at venues such as The Jazz Factory and 801 Franklin. Having honed his craft over the years, Dave continues the tradition of delivering songs with passion and conviction, made all the more enjoyable by that 60’s style he conveys. Ron Simmons is a beloved veteran of the Huntsville music scene, having performed in many of Huntsville’s premiere clubs beginning in the late 1960’s. The recipient of multiple Wings Awards for musical theater direction, and having served as musical directory for multiple high school musicals (Huntsville High School and Sparkman High) has endeared Ron to generations of Huntsville theater and music lovers. "
    Nick's Ristorante ... Saturday March 21 6:00 pm-8:59 Dining room 6-8, lounge 8-9

parkerParker's Take:

Frank Sinatra “Ol Blue Eyes” is still beloved by millions of fans. It could be argued that he was one of the leading musicians that shaped American music in the decades before Elvis and the Beatles. Songs like Luck Be a Lady, My Way, Strangers in the Night, New York New York and many more caught the ears and hearts of Americans and never let go.
Dave McConnell brings ‘Ol Blue Eyes back with renditions of Sinatra’s most famous songs. Annabelle and I journeyed to Nick's Ristorante  to enjoy a meal with family and to hear Dave perform.
Dave performs nearly every week at Luciano, an Italian Fine Dining restaurant in Huntsville, and occasionally at Nick's. Check the schedule below to see where he's singing next.
Getting back to Dave’s performance, I will simply relay what my sister Mary Beth expressed.  Sinatra is one of her all-time favorite musical performers. He’s probably more than a singer to her – she’s also a Sinatra movie fan. So I would expect her to be especially critical if Dave strayed too far from not only the sound of Sinatra's music, but the spirit of his music as well.
Well, Dave McConnell won her over. She was swaying in her seat as she enjoyed her dinner. At one point she leaned over to me and said “I hope he sings New York, New York.  I made a request to Dave and after he sang Happy Birthday to an audience member who was celebrating, he launched into New York New York.
Mary Beth was delighted!
I think that says it all.
Like Sinatra? You won’t be disappointed when Dave takes the stage.
NOTE: At Nick’s Dave used pre-recorded musical accompaniment. But when he performs at Luciano, he usually has a pianist and a bassist playing music live. We look forward to that!

Close your eyes as you listen to Dave McConnell sing Sinatra tunes and you will be transported to another era… like the 1940s. Dave’s smooth and silky voice, which he uses artfully and skillfully, will soothe your senses and feed your soul.
When Parker invited me to hear Dave sing, I was surprised because he knows that I am not a fan of post 1939 Sinatra. However, I was very impressed with Dave’s singing, and his gracious appreciation of his audience. He is truly a 1940s “Crooner”.  I admit it. I loved every song ( 2 hours) and had a wonderful evening! So did those in our party. In fact, I cannot wait to hear him sing again, and will invite more family to join us. Lucky for me, I will not have to wait long to hear Dave McConnell perform again (he does so almost weekly at Luciano, an Italian Fine Dining restaurant), so he can  transport me to a bygone  era in American music.
Parker believes, along with millions of others, that  'Ol Blue Eyes changed American pop music forever. I don’t know about that, but I can  say that Dave McConnell changed what would have been a dull Friday night into a romantic evening  with my loved ones, as Dave sang  “old standards” to a room full of grateful patrons.