The Keychains (Donnie Cox & Kim Coffey) playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

GENRES: Acoustic, Classic Rock, Rock

The Keychains (Donnie Cox & Kim Coffey)

parkerParker's Take:

Donnie Cox & Kim Coffey started their set at Mad Malts with a rendition of Jackson Brown’s Running on Empty. Donnie almost looks like Jackson Brown! You can watch him perform the song (solo) in this YouTube video.
Kim provided counter harmony on most songs but her lead vocals on Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide blew me (and others in the audience judging from the reaction) away. Really good stuff.
A notable feature of Donnie’s guitar playing is an almost seamless use of ‘looping.’ Looping allows a musician to record a part of a performance (in this case rhythm guitar) and then add an additional part live.  Donnie did this in real time allowing him to add a solo lead guitar. 
The technology allowed him to do this but the result was a seamless performance that caused me to do a double-take when I heard it. And I liked that he used it sparingly and surgically. It doesn’t hurt that his lead guitar playing is superior!
(Looping is often overdone by some artist’s – thankfully not the case here.)
Kim’s large Djembe provided a surprising underbelly sound/beat to their songs. Almost like half bass drum and half bass guitar.
I recommend you hear them.  Donnie most frequently performs solo, and you can catch his schedule on his website. To see his solo page on go here.

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