Dusty Smith playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

'Dusty Smith is a solo artist from Dekalb County, AL and plays originals and a wide range of a couple hundred covers and always adding new ones' , GENRES: Acoustic, Blues, Country, Rock, Soul

Dusty Smith

A quote from Lamont Landers about Dusty Smith: "The man is simply one of the best talents I've seen in my almost decade long career playing music. This is probably the first Facebook review I've ever left, I feel like im in on one of the best kept secrets in North Alabama. Very few acts I would pay to see play and I would pay good money to watch this man. If you want one of the best surprises you've ever seen - to feel the music how it's meant to be felt, go see Dusty Smith."

Upcoming Dusty Smith Performances

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