Full Circle playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Classic songs done with respect for originals and with the unique style of the performers | known for their clever Medleys | play as full band, Trio or duo. , GENRES: Americana, Classic Rock, Rock

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parkerParker's Take

Everyone has favorite songs that bring back memories of happiness, joy, love, romance, family, growing up and all manner of human emotion. When you hear one of these songs it almost doesn’t matter how many years it has been; you are, if just for a few minutes, transported back to a different time and place. And hopefully, if it was a happy time, you experience a sample of that happiness once again.
Now, how would it be if you could hear a number of these songs, cleverly strung together, sung and played well with both a new spirit and a respect for the old.  A good “Medley” will do that.  Instead of a few minutes of time travel you can go on an enjoyable ‘mind trip’ 10, 15 or even 20 minutes.
A subset of the Full Circle band (normally 4 people, but tonight just two) played memories in the form of medleys that took me back to childhood and the arrival of the Beatles. Songs like All My Loving, Please Please Me, With a Little Help From My Friends and Hey Jude combined so artfully that you hardly could catch the “splice points” until they were well into the next song. As an avid Beatles fan to this day, I have never heard a medley of their work done so enjoyably for my ears. There have been attempts by others, but they always sounded so artificial.  But with Full Circle I felt like I did the first time I heard them as a young boy. Joyous and invigorating. For a full 15 minutes. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
There were other medleys played, and many individual songs as well. Tunes like Dobbie Brothers Black Water, Roy Orbison’s Pretty Women, Led Zepplen’s Dancing Days and Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl stood out in particular, but all songs were played with no skipped beats.
I've heard they also do other medleys from the 70's and 80's.
And speaking of beats, percussionist Andy Benefield alternated between the Congas and an electronic box drum. It’s obvious that he is really comfortable driving the music forward. The Congas added a unique feel to the music which blended well with vocalist/guitarist Gabe Larose’s performance.
We heard Gabe a couple of years ago at a solo gig and were impressed then as we are now. His vocals are smooth yet projecting, while respecting the integrity of the cover tunes yet adding his own unique stamp and style. His guitar work sounds like much more than a single instrument, plucking some bass notes while playing rhythm and lead as needed. 
Annabelle leaned over and asked if they were using a looper for the bass, and I said no – between Andy’s bass Conga and Gabe’s guitar picken, the two of them sound like a much bigger band.  
PS: I am not a fan of “loopers.” Thank you for not using one!
Annabelle and I look forward to hearing the “Full” Full Circle perform. However the two piece version made for one enjoyable night. If you like classic songs done fresh, give Full Circle a listen.

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