Live Music Venue Hoppers Bar & Grill (Holiday Inn), Huntsville, Alabama

Large venue with big dance floor, raised stage, colorful lights and a party atmosphere | expanded bar menu

Hoppers Bar & Grill (Holiday Inn)
Above: Hoppers is big. This photo shows only a small slice of the total seating. In front of the stage is a large dance area that was well used that Saturday night, thanks to the  music of the Emily Joseph Band

Parker's Take

Hoppers is a large (for Huntsville) nightspot in a smoke free environment. It was a Saturday night and as I approached the front door I observed a stream of couples and small groups entering in their party best – some with glitter on their clothes and some with glitter in their hair. Thankfully there were some, like me, in jeans.
The photo above doesn’t do justice to the size of this night spot. It shows only a narrow slice of perhaps 1/6th the total space.  In the middle is a large bar which is where I sat and snapped the photo. The place was packed.
The Emily Joseph Band provided the electricity that lit the crowd that night, and the colorful overhead lighting (and even a couple of disco balls) added their own layer of liveliness and did so without going overboard. I liked it. 
There’s a good sized dance area. The dancers, mostly older people for that night, were clearly having a good time. The whole thing was kinda like a time capsule back to the 70’s yet without the excesses of that musical period.
I was pleased there was no smoking and I confirmed with the bartender that is the case. I respect smoker’s rights, but in a facility that size and that crowded, smoking is best outside.
Hoppers deserves special praise because they consistently go out of their way to publish an entertainment schedule. Each month they publish the full live music schedule on their Facebook page. Not only that, but I could not believe my eyes when I sat down at the bar and saw copies of their monthly entertainment schedule placed along the bar top. WELL DONE HOPPERS! Your customers thank you, your musicians thank you, and in our own humble way thanks you. 
Entertainment Schedule
A special shout out to Hoppers for their dependable scheduling of “Acoustic Night” each Wednesday with musician Jeff Goebel who performs with alternating female singers. Truly, Hoppers goes out of their way to support live music.
Now on to something important – chicken wings and their food in general. They offer a fairly complete bar menu and the prices were reasonable in my opinion. Especially when one considers that there was no cover charge for such excellent entertainment. 
I ordered the 6 piece chicken wings which came with a choice of fries, onion rings or chips.  I think it was about $8-$9.
Yum on the chicken wings, and I was pleased with the almost unlimited napkins that were within easy reach of each bar stool. When I was done the very pleasant bartender smiled and tossed me a hand wipe which was much appreciated – if I had headed towards the bathroom I would have lost my seat. Probably within a few seconds!
Chicken Wings
So if you are in the mood to be with lots of others who are also in the mood, in a large, and well attended fun high energy environment - then make your way over to Hoppers. Wear your party best or come as you are.
Each Wednesday you can hear an acoustic duo play and sing. Hoppers calls this "Acoustic Night".  As of this writing, artist Jeff Goebel teams up each week with an alternating female artist - one week Angela Hacker and the next Kelly Joyner.
During the week Hoppers takes on an entirely different personality with far less people than the crowded Friday and Saturday nights. Wife Annabelle, my sister Mary June, friend Elizabeth and I found just two tables occupied upon arriving at 8:30ish.
Service was prompt and professional and we did partake of the bar menu. Our waitress was super responsive.  We ordered the Quesadillas and fries for a healthy late night snack. :)
The acoustics of the room take on a different and improved personality sans crowd noises of a Friday or Saturday night. The four of us could easily converse while enjoying the duo's performance. It was also a pleasure to hear every note and nuance of the performance.
We'll definitely be back to hear Jeff and Angela again, as well as catch Jeff on a "Kelly Joyner" week.
Acoustic Night with Jeff Goebel and Angela HackerAbove: Acoustic Night with Jeff Goebel and Angela Hacker. They also perform together in their rock band "Plan B"

Annabelle's Take

When Parker suggested we go to the Holiday Inn to hear two folks he has been wanting to listen to I admit, I was skeptical. It was quite late. I thought, “The Holiday Inn? As in motel? Really?“ I was not expecting such a wonderful surprise. But Hoppers Bar and Grill delivered.
If there had been blue smoke circling around in the air, you could almost imagine you were back in time, a time in the USA when all the best night clubs were filled with  patrons and smoke, the lights lit low, and a talented combo performing on stage. Think film noir. Men outfitted like Don Draper, sipping martinis, conversing with their “lady eye candy”.  Hoppers does not disappoint at all. There is a very large lounge, with comfortable seating and tables, a large bar, and great servers and bartenders. They had no idea who Parker and I were yet they treated us as Royalty. Constant Companion Mary June was with us that evening, along with our friend Elizabeth. There is also plenty of dance floor room, and a separate stage. An honest-to- goodness stage. That spells respect for musicians to me.
Our server and bartender were both excellent. We sampled the quesadilla and Mary June ordered the fries. (You can count on Mary June to sample the fries. That gal loves ‘em!) We all agreed the food was excellent.  The ladies checked out the powder room, which always tells a tale. This time it told us that Hoppers and the Holiday Inn care for cleanliness and your comfort. We stayed until the musicians packed up their instruments. We will be back, and bring more friends. We heard that Saturday nights are always SRO, so get there earlier if you want a table.

Upcoming live music at Hoppers Bar & Grill (Holiday Inn):

High energy band playing familiar favorites of the 70, 80's and beyond | you *will* dance!!! Pop, Classic Rock, Dance, Rock, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's
High energy band playing familiar favorites of the 70, 80's and beyond | you *will* dance!!! Pop, Classic Rock, Dance, Rock, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's
Influences Eddie Van Halen,George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen,Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, The Scorpions, Neal Schon, Michael Schenker,Iron Maiden,Rush,Damon Johnson,Gary Moore,Neil Giraldo,Paul Gilbert,Ace Frehley,Angus Young,Jimmy Page,Brian May,Randy Rhoads,Mark Tremonti,Justin Derrico Rock, Americana, Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Classic Rock