Jeff Goebel playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Influences Eddie Van Halen,George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen,Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, The Scorpions, Neal Schon, Michael Schenker,Iron Maiden,Rush,Damon Johnson,Gary Moore,Neil Giraldo,Paul Gilbert,Ace Frehley,Angus Young,Jimmy Page,Brian May,Randy Rhoads,Mark Tremonti,Justin Derrico, GENRES: Acoustic, Americana, Classic Rock, Folk, Pop, Rock

Jeff Goebel
Above: Jeff Goebel in duet with Kelly Joyner. You can also catch Jeff in several other rock bands.
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Bishops Westside Pub & Grill ... Tuesday, November 5 7:00 pm-10:00 Performing with April.

After a decade of a successful music career in Birmingham, Jeff Goebel moved to Huntsville to resume his career. He put together new bands, and lucky for us! Band 347, Plan B and a host of others… see his Facebook page for a complete list.
I heard Jeff Goebel perform at Hoppers Bar & Grill in the Holiday Inn. Twice so far, and we’ll come back. Each Wednesday night he plays in an acoustic duo, alternating singers each week. As of this writing, his singing partners are Angela Hacker and Kelly Joyner. These two singers are first rate, top shelf, cream of the crop, crème de la crème.
One of Jeff’s rock bands, “Plan B”, often plays in Hoppers as well. You can also catch Band 347 there from time to time.
Jeff Goebels is a musicians musician. His guitar work is superb, and his singing is smooth when it needs to be. Really smooth. When he needs to turn up the heat; when a song demands that, Jeff sets the room on fire. In a city teaming with fine talent, Huntsville is a beacon for excellent musicians; individuals and bands. When performing his duos at Hoppers, Jeff has kick- started the careers of more than a few great singers. For that fact alone, in an age of narcissism, I appreciate his generosity.
Don’t be shy about introducing yourself either. It is easy to be star-struck when in the company of such a talented musician. However, Jeff will welcome a conversation with you, and when asked, he will share how he came to be among the best musicians around. Though I doubt he would describe himself with such phrases.  Go check him out for yourself.