Jimmy Henderson playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

mix of blues, rock and jazz | fast and precise finger picking | steel slide guitar | can channel 1930's Robert Johnson, or play guitar like in a Windham Hill song | Rock too., GENRES: Blues, Instrumentals, Jazz, Rock

Jimmy Henderson
Above: Jimmy Henderson solo at Yellowhammer Brewing play'n steel slide guitar.
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parkerParker's Comments:

Our "Jimmy Henderson experience" was at Yellowhammer Brewing in Huntsville. This large bar room was ‘pack’en that night with barely enough room to walk from one side to another. It seemed that everyone was conversing loudly as beer flowed freely.
Jimmy played unamplified steel body guitar from a distant end of that very long room.  A steel guitar isn’t as loud as your typical wooden body acoustic, and without an amplifier Annabelle and I were wondering if anyone would hear.
Jimmy’s fingers moved rapidly as his eyes narrowed in concentration.  Soon there was a blur-trail where his hands should be.  Man that guy can play a jazzy-bluesy kind of guitar.  His vocals kicked in when I noticed a change in the room. Eyes darted towards the musician, then returned several more times before fixating on Jimmy’s hands. It was a repeating pattern I observed across half the room. As well as Annabelle and I.
Jimmy’s style for that night was in the best tradition of Robert Johnson, an American Blues Singer-Songwriter from the 30’s. In 1986 Johnson was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Johnson was surely channeled by Jimmy that night.
Soon parts of the room were using table tops and knee slaps to pound a rhythm in accompaniment.
We really enjoyed his performance.
One final note: Check out Jimmy's other style of guitar playing here (Summertime from his album "Towards the Sun").
Date of last visit: Dec 9, 2016