Josh Couts (Jazz Guitarist) playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Jazz guitar playing in the best traditions of yesteryear - and more recent as well. , GENRES: 1950's, 1960's, Instrumentals, Jazz

Above: Classically trained Josh Couts serenades diners at Luciano Italian Restaurant. Josh channels jazz greats like Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter, and Charlie Parker, with a bit of the more recent Jonathan Kreisberg and Julian Lage added for good measure. You can also catch him with his trio or quartet playing a modern repertoire of instrumental songs.

Recently I saw Josh Couts at Luciano Italian Restaurant in Huntsville. He was accompanied by Keith Taylor on the piano the first time, and he played with songstress extraordinaire, Roberta Silva the second time.
Josh’s soulful jazz guitar solos soar!  They rise up above the melody lines, forcing you to listen as he blends them until they become melodies of their own. Then he sails right back into his own dream world and takes you along for the ride.
Josh Couts is young, but don’t let his youth trick you into thinking he lacks anything. Josh has multiple university degrees in music, served in the Army Band, and most recently, landed a professorship at a local college here in Huntsville. Besides all that, he is a heck of a nice person.
After hearing Josh for a few minutes the first time, I leaned over to Parker to say Josh reminded me of   the GREAT late Joe Pass.  I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Pass play as he accompanied the GREAT singer Joe Williams. They were friends and played together a lot. Josh would have made Mr. Pass proud. For the remainder of the evening, I pondered what it would be like if fate had decreed it so that Mr. Pass and Josh Couts could jam together.  I believe I got my wish. And in my estimation, this is the highest compliment I can pay.
The second time I heard Josh Couts was when he accompanied Roberta Silva. Roberta is so talented, I could hear her sing the Yellow Pages backwards and be thrilled. However, Josh Couts and Roberta Silva together on the same stage? I was in Heaven. So was everyone else in the packed SRO ("Standing Room Only") at Luciano.  Her beautiful soprano voice  melodiously blends perfectly  with Josh’s skilled guitar work. I hope they work together a lot in the future. I also liked the way they naturally communicate on stage. They “read”  each other. Great performers do that. And each of these performers is truly GREAT.
If you see Josh Couts’ name around town as a headliner, go see him. Check our website and seek out an opportunity to do so. Local venues should book Josh Couts ASAP because in my opinion, there is going to come a time when he will be out of range as he makes his way out into the wide, wide world, far beyond Huntsville.  Thank you, Josh Couts, for reminding us what heart-felt, soulful jazz guitar sounds like.

parkerParker's Take:

Have you ever felt connected to something where the world drops away and you are in total concentration? You are simpatico with whatever you are focused on? Such are Jazz guitar players. When they perform, there is a connection between their instrument and them; there’s a dance that occurs between the notes and chords and the performer. When a jazz guitarist performs s/he is inviting you join the conversation between fingers, mind, frets and strings.
Luciano Italian Restaurant is a classy fine dining establishment and as such the musicians who play there perform in the background. In other words, the music has to be gentle and soothing.  I have not heard Josh Couts play with his trio, where he can cut loose and turn up the energy. I look forward to that. 
His playing takes one back to another time in music, when melody came first.  When guitars were played as a conduit for emotion. Who says you can’t go home?
I recommend Josh Couts, his fingers, frets  and strings. Enjoy the soothing sounds of jazz guitar. 

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