Live Music Venue Luciano Italian Restaurant, Huntsville, Alabama

Fine Italian dining | bar for appetizers and cocktails | baby grand piano for live music | lounge singing for conversation and enjoyment

Luciano Italian Restaurant
Above: Roberta Silva serenades with Keith Taylor on baby grand piano at Luciano Italian Restaurant. Luciano has several distinct dining areas. The piano is located in the central bar area which has several tables for dining plus bar stools.  A lower level (seen in the background) is a cozy room still within eye and earshot of the music. There's a larger, more secluded room away from the music and you can dine outside. If you want to be near the music, make a reservation and specifically make that request.

Parker's Take:

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Luciano on Airport Road is an upscale Italian restaurant. Just want a cocktail and appetizers? They have bar you can enjoy. There's live music each Friday and Saturday night often featuring a vocalist accompanied by a pianist on a baby grand piano. (This 'real deal' of a piano sounds so much sweeter than an electronic equivalent). On our visit we enjoyed classic standards performed by singer Roberta Silva and pianist Keith Taylor.
We called for reservations ((256)880-9920) and suggest you do the same if you want to dine and hear music. That's because Luciano has several dining areas, but only two are close to the music. The piano is located in a small dining area adjacent to the bar and there is a larger sunken dining area within eye and earshot of the music. Ask to be seated near the music when you call, as we did, and all should be well.
Annabelle wanted the Alfredo, and I ordered meatballs and spaghetti. I know … I know... meatballs and spaghetti when they had so many other offerings. But it was my birthday and I wanted to see if Luciano measured up to the gold standard for a traditional Italian meal – my mom. (Here's the lunch, dinner and bar menu)
No one can beat mom, but Luciano was a close 2nd.
The meal was good, but what made the evening memorable was the music. Music in an upscale restaurant must lead a double life. For people in conversation with friends and loved ones, the music must exist in the background, and engender good feelings for the listener without getting in the way. Others just want a sort of mini-concert, so the music must be enjoyable as the center of attention.
Annabelle and I straddled both worlds as did the music created by Roberta and Keith. We were at times in intimate conversation while the music surrounded us. At other times we focused on a concert of classic standards performed like in the movies.
Between the 'delish' meal and the yummy music, our two hours at Luciano was an enjoyable, memorable time. We look forward to our next visit.
Date of last visit: 3 Sep 2016
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Luciano’s is a small Italian jewel on Airport Road that has worked hard to ensure you have the very best experience in fine dining. In spite of its “strip mall” location, it succeeds in transforming its space into four basic areas that may remind you of Italy. There is a place for al fresco dining, a courtyard- like entrance, complete with wall mounted fountain, which ushers you into a formal dining area; beyond that you will see a tastefully decorated bar area, complete with small grand piano and several tables. Near the piano there are several steps which lead you into a sunken dining room area, also decorated in the Tuscan tradition. Lucciano’s is not lacking for romantic atmosphere!
It was Parker’s birthday, so I had high hopes for a lovely evening. Even his decision to order Spaghetti and meatballs in such a fine restaurant could not sway me away from my goal of celebrating, though I admit, I did try to talk him out of that simple choice.  He was very pleased, and allowed me to taste just a bit. The meatballs were tender, moist, likely made with beef and pork ,spiced lightly, and not loaded with fillers. The spaghetti was cooked al dente, beautifully presented, so I believe he was very pleased. His empty plate by evening’s end confirmed that.
Parker ordered a blueberry mojito before dinner. Lots of fresh mint and blueberries and he seemed to enjoy it. I ordered a champagne drink laced with limoncello and fresh muddled raspberries. Delicious! For dinner, I ordered fettuccini al fredo with shrimp. It was served al dente, with the shrimp perfectly prepared, and beautifully presented . Each dinner was preceded by “salad in a jar”; very trendy these days. The mason jars were filled with chopped romaine lettuce, cherry  tomatoes, Greek olives, feta cheese and pepperoncini. Quite delicious. I am dusting off my mason jars at home in anticipation of my next party with friends.
Combined with its excellent service, delicious food, and superior entertainment, I would award 5 stars to Luciano’s Italian Restaurant. Whether you want a gathering place for drinks, or are craving an up-scale,  authentic Italian meal, I highly recommend Luciano’s. I can’t wait to return!  

Upcoming live music at Luciano Italian Restaurant:

... Feb 22, 2020 6:00 pm-9:30 "Roberta Silva's vocal talents cross many genres, and the repertoire she perform with Keith Taylor on piano is a mix of jazz standards and pop favorites. Her soulful interpretations have garnered her a loyal following in Huntsville, and now you can experience her amazing voice at Luciano."
Robert Silva sings accompanied by Keith Taylor on a baby grand piano Jazz, Americana, 1940's, 1950's, 1970's, 1960's
Quentin Roddie (jazz vibraphone) & Kevin Sledge (Stand-Up Bass)
... Feb 23, 2020 11:00 am-2:00 "Quentin Roddie, owner and operator of Musicology School of Music, carries on the tradition of jazz vibraphone at Luciano. The vibraphone emerged as a prominent jazz instrument in the 1930’s, and continues to attract fans with it’s mellow yet percussive sound. Bassist Kevin Sledge performs with Quentin. You won’t want to miss this unique duo!"
... Feb 25, 2020 6:00 pm-8:00 "Dave McConnell has been crooning jazz standards in the style of Frank Sinatra since 2001. Dave’s uncanny ability to channel the Sinatra vibe earned him the nickname “The Sinatra Guy” shortly after he began performing at venues such as The Jazz Factory and 801 Franklin. Having honed his craft over the years, Dave continues the tradition of delivering songs with passion and conviction, made all the more enjoyable by that 60’s style he conveys. Ron Simmons is a beloved veteran of the Huntsville music scene, having performed in many of Huntsville’s premiere clubs beginning in the late 1960’s. The recipient of multiple Wings Awards for musical theater direction, and having served as musical directory for multiple high school musicals (Huntsville High School and Sparkman High) has endeared Ron to generations of Huntsville theater and music lovers. "
A "Frank Sinatra Performer" Jazz, 1960's, 1950's
Amy Lee
... Feb 26, 2020 6:00 pm-8:00 "Amy Lee, piano and vocals, is an amazing new talent on the Huntsville music scene. She’s no newcomer to performing, having played keyboards and singing vocals for the Funky Pirates band and other groups. Now, as a solo artist, she presents a new show for listeners in the Tennessee Valley. Her repertoire spans jazz standards, pop classics, and seasoned with a little country, all rendered in a style that showcases her crystal clear vocals. "
"pop and jazz seasoned with a little country... rendered in a style that showcases her crystal clear vocals" Jazz Standards, Pop classics, Country