Live Music Venue Maggie Meyers Irish Pub , Huntsville, Alabama

Irish pub | expanded bar food menu | dance area | smoking | game room | 'dart players heaven' | pool tables

Maggie Meyers Irish Pub

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If you haven’t been to Maggie Meyers Irish Pub, you might think like I did. I was expecting something small, cramped and old. Well, that’s not the case. I found Maggie’s spacious, open and modern. They generally feature live music on Friday night and an open mic event each Wednesday. There’s an ample dance floor and a large stage area for larger bands. Maggie’s was clearly built to support live music without detracting from a traditional Irish pub setting. And if you smoke, you can light-em up.

There’s a large - and I mean large – separate room with a half dozen dart lanes – these people take darts seriously. There’s also a couple of pool tables.

I partook of a half dozen chicken wings, but their menu offers a lot more. Their website says they are a “scratch kitchen”… making a lot of the food in-house.  And of course being an Irish pub, there’s no shortage of beers. (Or any other drink you may want.)

The night I was there featured the band “Voodoo Buzzards”, a classic rock/70’s band.  I’m looking forward to returning next Wednesday to enjoy open mic night – always a favorite of mine.

The bartender and waitress where pleasant and responsive.

Home run, Maggie.

Upcoming live music at Maggie Meyers Irish Pub :

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... Sep 23, 2019 7:00 pm-12:00 "Come and enjoy a special FREE comedy show Monday, September 23rd at Maggie Meyers Irish Pub" | "Matthew Tate is a Missouri-born, Alabama-based comedian who has been a staple of the lauded Huntsville scene for years. His style is an abrasive mix of angry catharsis and drunken punnery. This album details his misadventures in romance, general human relations, and the day jobs that usually tolerate him for a small period of time. "
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... Sep 25, 2019 8:00 pm-11:00
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