Live Music Venue Maggie Meyers Irish Pub , Huntsville, Alabama

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Maggie Meyers Irish Pub

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If you haven’t been to Maggie Meyers Irish Pub, you might think like I did. I was expecting something small, cramped and old. Well, that’s not the case. I found Maggie’s spacious, open and modern. They generally feature live music on Friday night and an open mic event each Wednesday. There’s an ample dance floor and a large stage area for larger bands. Maggie’s was clearly built to support live music without detracting from a traditional Irish pub setting. And if you smoke, you can light-em up.

There’s a large - and I mean large – separate room with a half dozen dart lanes – these people take darts seriously. There’s also a couple of pool tables.

I partook of a half dozen chicken wings, but their menu offers a lot more. Their website says they are a “scratch kitchen”… making a lot of the food in-house.  And of course being an Irish pub, there’s no shortage of beers. (Or any other drink you may want.)

The night I was there featured the band “Voodoo Buzzards”, a classic rock/70’s band.  I’m looking forward to returning next Wednesday to enjoy open mic night – always a favorite of mine.

The bartender and waitress where pleasant and responsive.

Home run, Maggie.


2nd Visit on Open Mic Night (4 Jan 2017)

Each Wednesday Maggie sponsors an open mic night. Like any open mic, there are solid performers and there are people who may not be the best but love to play and want to express themselves musically.

I was impressed by the sincere applause and encouragement every player received no matter how well they performed. Maggie very much had a "Cheers" atmosphere that night. I'm an occasional open mic player who is at the lower end of the performance scale and such audience encouragement did not go unnoticed.

Annabelle and I ordered the onion rings appetizer at $3.99. I  was expecting a small plate with a dozen rings. Instead the bartender brought this large mounded plate of fresh rings much to our delight. One can't beat that. Check out their dinner and lunch menus.

Maggie Meyers Onion Rings

Above: Yum for $3.99

And speaking of the bartender/waitress, she was just as friendly and pleasant as another was during my first visit to Maggie's a few months ago.

When we were ready to leave I went to the bar to pay our tab, when I saw the bartender walking towards us with two glasses in hand. She had seen we were low and was bringing refills to our soda and water. We thanked her, but said we were leaving and she offered to give the drinks to us in a to-go cups.

We weren't big spenders that night. Our bill was $7 and $3 for the tip. Yet the bartender was as pleasant and helpful as can be. We liked that. A lot.

The only downside of Maggie's for Annabelle and I is the heavy smoke which filled the air. I respect the right of people to smoke, but it's not our cup of tea. We like so many things about Maggie's but the smoking will dissuade our return. But if you do smoke and like live music in a "Cheers" like atmosphere, check them out.

Open Mic Night at Maggie's

Above: A large stage area (and includes an area suitable for dance). Open mic night at Maggie's is fun and the audience encouragement the night of our visit was outstanding.

Date of last visit 4 Jan 2017

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