Music in the Key of Carlâ„¢

Carl Thomas, Prez of, "The Singing Realtor" (performs solo around Huntsville from time to time) and all around good guy cares passionately about the Huntsville live music scene. In his show Music in the Key of Carl, he brings this passion (and quirky humor!) to these videos. Enjoy!!

Tony Perdue

These 3-5 minute interviews are the perfect appetizer before enjoying a main course of live music. Interviews feature both popular and upcoming talent. Here you'll find short, insightful and often FUNNY interviews with the likes of "Chelsea, Who?", Lamont Landers, Tony Perdue, Remy Neal, Victoria Jones and Alan Little. Yum!


There are some genres that are are a bit harder to find in the Huntsville area, but that doesn't mean they are any less worthy! This series of Music in the Key of Carl focuses on understanding and promoting these - to 'Bridge the Gap' between the popular mainstream live music and genres like R&B, Hip Hop, Metal and others.

Carl Thomas Funny

We publish other videos from time to time. Here they are. Also, there's a link to the old 'Annabelle' Round Table Talk Videos.