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Guitar Music Lessons by Gabe Larose

An instructor for more than 20 years, I tailor lessons to each student’s musical interests while providing a solid base in music theory and technique. I'm very knowledgeable of styles such as classical, blues, pop, fingerstyle, folk, and rock. I teach both private and group guitar lessons.

I've performed within many groups and ensembles, as well as solo performances in a variety of venues including restaurants, churches, corporate conferences, wedding ceremonies, and receptions. I hope to allow the students to expand their music preferences to include more advanced styles, such as classical.

To help students stay engaged and self-motivated I keep a printed library of 1000+ songs including such categories as beginner (single-note), chord strumming, intermediate riffs, chord arpeggios, fingerstyle, classical, advanced riffs, and holiday music. The student, after mastering basic techniques, may request particular songs that can be part of student’s lesson.

I earned an Associate Degree in Music Education from Calhoun Community College in 2001, followed by a Bachelors in Classical Guitar Performance at UAH in 2005. I've also completed a K-12 Music Education Certificate as a double major in 2006.

You can find me performing in Huntsville both solo and with the band "Full Circle." Listen to samples from my music album Through the Motions on Cdbaby.

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