Piano and Vocal Music Lessons by Stephen Clark Johnson

I provide vocal and piano music lessons. As a local singer/songwriter whose been performing over 25 years, I've played in churches, weddings, parties, glee clubs and nearly every music venue from Huntsville to Nashville. I love to perform, but I also enjoy imparting my experience and knowledge to others.

I've taught students from 6 to 60+, so you're never too young or old! If you're new to music, we will learn at your pace and I will make learning fun. If you know music already, I'll work with you to raise your playing or vocal to a new level. Use the website link below for contact info and to view my FREE lesson video, where I teach you 3 chords and give you the tools to play 100s of songs in multiple genres--in less than 10 minutes!

Come see me perform:
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