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The Quantaphonics playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

A unique Psychedelic Funk/Progressive Soul band with classic instruments including trumpet, trombone and flute - in addition to keyboard, guitar, bass and drums., GENRES: Progressive Soul, Psychedelic Funk

Above: The Quantaphonics have a natural dance beat.  The sum total of the multi-vocalists and classic instruments  and a solid rhythm section will have you wanting to get to that dance floor as soon as possible.

parkerParker's Take:

Like an NBA basketball star signing autographs, The Quantaphonics stand out. Their Facebook page lists 11 members when most local bands consist of 3-5 performers.
Four members play brass and wind instruments – Trumpet, Trumbone, Saxaphone and Flute. For those old enough to remember, the mega-classic rock band Chicago included brass and wind instruments. These instruments gave Chicago their driving, upbeat sound. The same can be said for The Quantaphonics. The music may be different but the vibe coming from those all-too-rare instruments in pop strike similar chords. In a word, excitement.
With no less than four vocalists they’re no slouch in that department either.
I’ve heard The Quantaphonics twice – once at Yellowhammer Lost Bier Garden and a second time at their standing-room-only performance at Humphrey’s Bar & Grill.  And when I say standing-room-only I mean it. I sat some 1/3 of the way into the room, and the rows of standing people ahead of me blocked any chance of seeing the band. I had to stand for that.
Playing “Psychedelic Funk” and “Progressive Soul”, I recommend you give them a listen.

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