Robby Eichman playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Smooth vocals | excellent range - including falsetto | builds complete songs layer by layer (using recording loopers) right on stage, adding variety and spice to his one person show., GENRES: Acoustic, Americana, Classic Rock, Folk

Robby Eichman

parkerParker's Take:

The song Robby chose to begin his set at the Southside Cantina was upbeat and positive – a most excellent cover of the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun". The reverb effects applied to his guitar, together with his style of string plucking and strumming made for a freshness in George Harrison’s signature song. It was a sonic treat to the ears – and heart. The world needs more hopeful, upbeat songs.
Robby played a mix of original and cover songs. Among other covers was a Beatle’s tune called “In My Life”. I heard him play that before and had every intention of making it a request, when much to my delight he began singing “There are places I remember….” His take on the song is smooth, particularly his vocals, yet more Lennon- like than McCartney-like in their ability to cut though the music. It made the song an emotional experience, and probably would be, for anyone who has experienced loss. As Annabelle remarked… “He’s playing their songs, but he’s not copying them; he’s putting his own spin on them.” And I agree.
One other cover was “Pigs on the Wing” by Pink Floyd. He played it far more touching and more emotionally connected than the original!
I could tell that Robby not only likes effects and gadgets, but also knows how to add them into his act in order to make his music more diverse and enjoyable. He employed a “looper” on several of his original songs. In case you don’t you don’t know what a looper is, it’s a device that allows the artist to build his  own backing tracks in real time – right on the stage before your eyes.
Eichmen building a multi-layered song on stage
Above: Robby builds a song using his feet and a looper

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