Live Music Venue Rocket Republic Brewing Company (289 Production Ave), Madison, Alabama

Uniquely styled taproom open to the general public | smoke free | large dance area | good acoustics for such a large facility | ping pong | darts | cornhole bean bag games | beer, beer & more beer | food truck often available | drink in or purchase to take home

Rocket Republic Brewing Company (289 Production Ave)
Above: Josh & Judy Allison woo the well attended Rocket Republic Brewing Company on a Friday evening.

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When you step into the Rocket Republic Brewing Company located in Madison, Alabama… we bet you’ll be in awe of its size, unique style of decoration, and how well the music sounds despite its large size and wide open space. It’s no ordinary taproom.
This smoke free facility has plenty of tables and a large craft beer bar. Outside you’ll likely find a food truck, which on the night of our visit delivered to our table. There’s a ping pong table set off the main area and dart boards along one wall. Because of RRBC’s size, there’s plenty of room for corn hole bean bag toss games which were being well used. The entire venue is well lit inside and “feels” clean.
Musically we were being treated that night to Josh and Judy Allison whose unique crowd pleasing system for generating musical requests kept the audience engaged and in a positive mood. Learn more about Josh and Judy Allison here.
When I first saw the sheer size of the place, I wondered how good the acoustics would be. I was expecting a lot of echoes.  As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised. Looking around, the reason the sound was good became obvious – the padded insulation on the walls and ceiling. Without that it would have been a huge echo chamber. With that – a music venue! Yeah!
All the floor space that isn’t taken up by seating and the bar and games and brewing beer is available for dancing, and that’s a LOT of space. The smooth floor is conducive to making your dance slides appear effortless.  The night of our visit found many couples having a great time listening to music, drinking craft beer and enjoying dance.

Above: foosball on the right, corn bean bag toss in back, two empty aircraft external tanks above the decorated cold storage locker. Where will the cruise missile go?

We found the bartenders friendly, efficient and helpful.
And get this… Annabelle went to the lady’s room to freshen up and came back spouting how uniquely decorated the bathroom was. (I bet ya she talks about that in her comments!). I can’t recall a local venue we visited where she *made* me go to the men’s room just so I could see the decor.  I dutifully went, and when it turned out the men’s room is more utilitarian (less decorative), Annabelle wanted me to look in the (private) ladies room to which I politely answered I’d take her word for it.
Speaking of style, The Rocket Republic Brewing Company venue has enough touches of decoration to warrant inclusion in my comments. For example, your table might be a piece of decorative aircraft wing.  Our table, two wooden cable reels atop each other, had cool metal gears atop of it and the building sized cold storage locker was set to look like portholes with outer space looking in, and rocket’s blasting off.
Look for their “van Gogh rocket painting” which will make ya smile. (It's by the dart boards). 
We talked briefly to the manager who told us they would soon have an inert cruise missile on display. At least he promised us it would be inert... however... he did say it with a twinkle in his eyes.  :)
RRBC is located off the beaten path in Madison, and at night when you turn onto “Production Avenue” you might wonder if you’re in the right place.  There are rows of small commercial buildings that are security lit.  But when you reach their venue, it will be brightly lit and have their distinctive RR logo in plain view.  Most people park on the streets.
All in all the Rocket Republic Brewing Company was a fun place to be on the Friday evening we visited, and we suspect it is other nights as well. We’ll be back, with friends.
Date of visit: 11 Nov 2016

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