Annabelle's Round Table Talks™ Introduction

In my Round Table Talks, you'll meet the people who make the local music scene in Huntsville and Madison come to life. The idea with Round Table Talks is to dive deep through a relaxed discussion format.

Full Circle New!
Annabelle's Round Table Talk Episode 6: Full Circle

December 7, 2017. 20 mins. For more than a decade the "Band of Brothers" classic rock band known as FULL CIRCLE have entertained across Huntsville, Guntersville, Decatur, Florence, Montgomery and beyond. The four members share their unlikely story of chance, and how they create stand-out medleys of the 70's, 80's, the Beatles and Pink Floyd.
Lamont Landers Annabelle's Round Table Talk Episode 5: Jordan Lamont Landers
November 12, 2017. 20 mins. Jordan Landers is a gifted singer/songwriter who you can find on occasion in Huntsville, otherwise he and his band travel far and wide performing . Includes 5 song samples.
Tim Cannon Annabelle's Round Table Talk Episode 4: Tim Cannon
October 2, 2017. 20 mins. Tim Cannon is a well-known performer in Northern Alabama, Muscle Shoals, and the Tennessee Valley. He's a gifted singer/songwriter with multiple credits and accolades to his name. Also enjoy hearing excerpts from four Tim Cannon originals.
Carl Thomas Annabelle's Round Table Talk Episode 3: Carl Thomas
July 9, 2017. 36 mins. If you have been residing in Huntsville for any length of time, you have no doubt heard or seen Carl Thomas around town. He is the man with the biggest heart and is possibly the most loyal fan of Huntsville I've met. He works full-time as a Real Estate Agent, performs multiple times a week at local venues, and his mind is always working to create new ways to bring fans in Huntsville/Madison live music.
Annabelle's Round Table Talk Episode 2: Seeking Babylon
June 18, 2017. 22 mins. Seeking Babylon, formerly Alli and Kira, are a trio of three women whose musical repertoire is varied and vast.
Annabelle's Round Table Talk Episode 1: Falcon Punch
May 15, 2017. 1 hr 38mins. Annabelle's Round Table Talk uncovers quite a bit about this Madison favorite rock band. You'll hear how they formed, grew as a band, and where they are heading today.