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Annabelle's Round Table Talks™ Episode 7: Ally Free


Ally Free is a local Alabama singer, raised and educated in Scottsboro. The only thing that is “Maybe Possibly” bigger than her innate talent, would be her big HEART. One of her most serious and dedicated fans is her mother. He mother taught Art for years in the public school system. Lucky for us, they both live in the Huntsville area now, so getting out to venues to hear Ally Free is easy.

Ally Free’s
signature expression is # BE FREE. I cannot imagine a more appropriate expression. Whenever I am in her presence, I am struck by an all- encompassing light surrounding her. I don’t mean angelic, necessarily. But it could be. Ally Free exudes a sense of acceptance, unconditional respect, and love when she speaks or sings.

These qualities, perhaps handed down from her mother as Ally was growing up, permeate her songs. Her originals cover a variety of themes, and her Soul takes over whenever she performs them. I have the sense she is even out-of-body, out in “Music Spaceland”. That is a good thing for her listeners.

Ally Free travelled to the West Coast recently to lay down some tracks for her upcoming album. I am certain if you have not yet heard Ally sing, once you listen to our PODCAST, you will be looking at the HM Calendar to see where her next gig is taking place! Whether Ally Free is singing at her own gig, or hosting an Open Mic around town, prepare to be amazed.

Ally Free
is dedicated to helping Veteran’s causes. As a former Marine, she has a keen understanding of PTSD and so many other health issues our soldiers are suffering through. Ally Free is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her original song “Who’s Gonna Fight For Me?” to help Veterans. Feel good and help out! Buy her song. We did, and I am wearing out the “Victrola”.


Buy Who's Gonna Fight for Me ($0.99)

Upcoming Ally Free Huntsville or Madison Music Gigs: