Annabelle's Round Table Talks™ Episode 3: Carl Thomas


Carl Thomas

Salut mes amis!

If you have been residing in Huntsville for any length of time, you have no doubt heard or seen Carl Thomas around town. He is the man with the biggest heart and is possibly the most loyal fan of Huntsville I’ve met. He works full-time as a Real Estate Agent, performs multiple times a week at local venues, and his mind is always working to create new ways to bring fans in Huntsville/Madison live music. His latest brainstorm is Thursdays in Times Square. Carl created an outdoor music summer series at Huntsville Times Square, bringing in musicians, listeners, and even more patrons for the local venues who generously supported the idea. Treat yourself to SIP, OTBX or BELOW THE RADAR some Thursday evening to hear some of the best live music Huntsville has to offer.

Carl Thomas is a unique individual, a solid singer-songwriter, a wealth of knowledge, and I believe Huntsville is fortunate to claim him as its “brother”.  I am so glad Carl made time to sit at Annabelle’s Round Table Talks! I know you will be too.


PS: The Trivia Game has been discontinued due to lack of listener participation. Thank you.

Listen now:
Above: Carl Thomas @ Salty Nut Brewery