Annabelle's Round Table Talks™ Episode 8: Jennifer K. McClure


I spoke with Jennifer K. McClure just before she recorded her new album. You will hear some of her new songs during this Podcast, as well as hear her tell us the unique place she found herself composing.

Jennifer’s style on stage is laid back and “country”. She makes you feel as if you are sitting on the porch, sipping sweet tea and having conversation. THAT kind of country.

Jennifer has a beautiful soprano voice, and an equal ability to belt out a tune or sing it in whispers and sighs. She does not wallow in accolades, nor dwell in the possibility of fame. She spends her energy honing her skills, setting goals for herself, and seeks to become a better singer/songwriter. She wears humility like a cloak, but that is part of her charm.

If you have not yet attended a gig with Jennifer K. McClure, after listening to this PODCAST, I have one question for you. What on earth are you waiting for?