Live Music Venue Salty Nut Brewery, Huntsville, Alabama

Indoor and outdoor live music depending on weather| craft beers in a comfortable, laid-back environment with couches and plenty of tables | family friendly | Dog friendly | loaner table games | food truck may be available

Salty Nut Brewery
Above: Carl Thomas plays at Salty Nut Brewery. During warmer weather musicians perform outside in a rather large courtyard. The courtyard has a dedicated stage and plenty of tables for sipping and relaxing. Shortly after this picture was taken the room filled. There's a large bar (only half is shown here) and a couple of couches to relax on.  Annabelle commented how clean Salty Nut looked and felt.
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Salty Nut Brewery is a cool place. It is a brewery; an inside, family-friendly listening gallery; and an outside, picnic-tabled, family-friendly listening spot. Did I mention your well-behaved dogs are welcome?
The first time we went there, we saw Carl Thomas. There were a lot of veterans in the house who seemed to enjoy Carl’s show along with us. I noticed families with small children enjoying the show, and making good use of the myriad games that Salty Nut Brewery provides. They are shelved neatly on bookcases in the sofa area. There are tables and plenty of chairs, inside and out. That night, we saw families chatting, sampling the house made brews, and putting together puzzles, playing board games, and lounging on the sofas. Think specialty coffee houses….with a twist!
Salty Nut Brewery did a great job planning the outside entertainment area as well. They can accommodate fairly large crowds with their tables, chairs, benches, and picnic tables. An interesting choice of décor to be sure. It made me think the owners want me (and others) to sit a spell, enjoy a fresh, cold, house made beer, and stay a while. We did exactly that!
All your local, favorite Food Trucks take turns parking near the entrance. They all serve up delicious meals, so you can plan to have supper there if you want to chase those cold brews down with some solid, stick to your ribs kind of food.
Salty Nut Brewery  allows your well-behaved dog to join you, inside or outside. I saw no signs prohibiting Fido from dancing, so if he kicks up his heals and wants to stay a bit later, why not indulge him? From what I observed, other patrons may spoil your friend more than you do.
We liked Salty Nut Brewery so much, we returned the next week to listen to Seeking Babylon and sample some delicious brews. There were several families with dogs on leashes that night. There was some adoption festival going on in Huntsville the next day, and you guessed it!  I talked Parker into letting us adopt a black lab puppy, 7 weeks old. Thanks, Salty Nut Brewery! We like your beer, and your attitude! Oh, I also loved the indoor ship-lap décor. Alas,Parker has refused me on that one. ( Thus far.)

Parker's Take:

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We’ve been to the Salty Brewery twice now and enjoyed both visits. We found Salty Nut family friendly and an enjoyable place to relax with friends. There’s board games for the borrowing, a couple of couches for stretching out, plenty of tables on the inside and a big backyard with music stage and tables for warmer months. And oh yea… it’s fido friendly. There were no smokers on both days of our visit.
Annabelle complimented how clean the place looked from a cursory inspection of the floor and tables.
Near the bar area you can buy various fan items like tea shirts while the bar itself serves up an assortment of craft beers.  Salty Nut beers can be found in a variety of local establishments as well.
They don’t serve food but on the weekends there’s often a food truck parked outside the door.
Salty Nut kinda has a home town meeting place feel, a sort of Cheers on a concrete floor and casual tables. The crowd was friendly both times and on one of those nights Salty Nut was sponsoring a local veterans group. Bravo Zulu. Of the breweries we have visited in Huntsville, it ranks as one of our favs.
Date of last visit: March 2017

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