SarahJayne playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Soulful acoustic original and cover tunes | voice reminiscent of Joni Mitchell & Reba McEntire | Story-in-a-song songwriting style, GENRES: Acoustic, Americana, Country, Folk, Soul

Above: SarahJayne, with shoes kicked off and a well worn green fender acoustic doing her bidding, sings her original songs at Hops Wild Craft Beer Bar
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Humphrey's Bar & Grill ... Wednesday, February 26 7:00 pm-10:00

parkerParker's Comments:

If you haven’t heard SarahJayne, take a few minutes to listen before reading on. Go to and there you will find an album she wrote, recorded and produced. Pick a song and click on the lyrics to follow along.
NOTE: SarahJayne has teamed up with Cory Travis under the name The Retrovales. Find her scheduled gigs here.
SarahJayne’s songs are melodic and soulful. Her lyrics tell stories ala James Taylor. Her vocals sound like a cross between Joni Mitchell & Reba McEntire.
If it sounds like her music impressed me, you’d be right. And this was before I heard a live performance. And so when I saw her come up on the schedule at Hops Wild Craft Beer Bar, I had to go.
There, armed only with bare feet and a green acoustic-electric guitar stood SarahJayne alone on the corner “stage.” She didn't have a backing band nor did she need one.
Cover songs like the Eagle’s Already Gone were played with heart, but it’s her originals that really hit home. So many singer-songwriters are strong in one area over others.  But only a few bring a combination of superb vocal and guitar playing backed by fresh, original and melodic songwriting. I remember thinking as I listened… that in a few years I fully expect to be able to tell my friends… I heard her perform before she hit the big time.
If you love original story-in-a-song music, played with honesty, make your way to hear SarahJayne.
Jul 1, 2016

I dislike it when people tell me a local artist “sounds just like_________” (insert famous singer’s name here). Or they make some such comparison. I am guilty as well sometimes, though I try to avoid it because it feels disrespectful. I want to enjoy a local artist for his/her own talent, not because (s)he reminds me of so and so. I prefer you tell me the attributes of the singer to pique my interest.
Sarah Jayne has a sweet soulful soprano that rings true to her own muse. She can sing you a love song as sweet as the summer corn in your garden or she can rock you with an earthy, bluesy sound full of soul. I am sure she was inspired by many when she was first finding her own style. However, I must point out (BIG GULP here) to my readers that the entire time I listened to her  sing her originals at Humphrey’s Singer/Songwriter  night, I kept leaning over to Parker whispering, “She sounds so much like Jewell!” She has the same licks in her note twisting….her style is such that, except for missing the occasional yodeling, if I closed my eyes I could swear Jewell was up there on the stage!  I also imagine Joan Osborne inspired her when she wrote her  gut wrenching “lost-love/you done me wrong” songs.  The only negative comment I could make is that I felt she did not have enough solo stage time, and the other singers were simply not up to her level.  They were fine, but she is superb!
My concern is that with her immense singing and songwriting talent, she is not in downtown Nashville or Atlanta performing nightly; making a full-court press effort to launch her singing career. I hope Sarah Jayne considers this.  In the meantime, I plan to seek her out to hear her while I can in Huntsville. I suggest you do the same.