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Live Music Venue Schnitzel Ranch (German Restaurant), Huntsville, Alabama

Family owned and operated German restaurant. | German food and beer | Police, Firefighters, Military (inc Retirees) receive a discount.

Schnitzel Ranch (German Restaurant)
Above: Hwy 64 Classic Rock and Country band playing at Schnitzel Ranch. This particular night (Dec 2, 2016) had a special guest visit as well - Santa - who delighted kids of all ages.

Parker's Take

Schnitzel Ranch is a German restaurant at 501 Church Street in Huntsville, having moved in Jan from their prior location on University Drive. I’ve been to Schnitzel Ranch three times over the last year, and this time was lucky enough to catch some live music featuring the HWY 64 Band playing country and Christmas tunes on a Friday night.
Let’s get right to it: the food. And here is where I have a Gold Standard to go by: my dear Mom. Part German herself and married to a son of a German immigrant, I was well familiar with German meals like Sauerbraten, Schnitzel and Goulash. So was my wife Annabelle.
For the most recent visit on December 2nd, my sister Mary June and my brother Billy, his girlfriend Adrienne joined Annabelle and I for a real family meal of German food. There was Sauerbraten all around except Annabelle, who wanted to try the Schnitzel.
There were thumbs up all around.  Of course, Mom’s cooking will always be first, but the Schnitzel Ranch took us back many years to those home cooked German meals of long ago.
And then there was something that wasn’t a part of Mom’s fare: German beer.  I had mine in the one liter “Lady Glass”, but there are glasses of 2 and 3 liters for the hearty – can you imagine?!
The band played low enough that we could converse. It’s an intimate enough setting that the music experience feels very personal. And on the very night of our meal, Santa Claus dropped by in full garb greeting kids from babies to seniors and putting smiles on faces.
We’ll be back to Schnitzel Ranch again. Maybe I’ll try the 2 liter beer this time.
ATTENTION: Military, Active and Retirees, Police, Emergency and Firefighters. As of this writing, Schnitzel Ranch advertises a 15% discount for people in these professions. I did not know about this and the waitress was kind enough to mention it.
Check out their food menus.
date of last visit: 2 Dec 2016

Upcoming live music at Schnitzel Ranch (German Restaurant):

"Traditional German music and fun-filled entertainment for the whole family" | "Musicians wear traditional German clothing" Instrumentals, German
"Traditional German music and fun-filled entertainment for the whole family" | "Musicians wear traditional German clothing" Instrumentals, German