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Seeking Babylon playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Acoustic group with strong harmonies, often consonant with the main vocal lines (e.g., ah....oh....) - relatively uncommon these days in pop music - and *very* enjoyable | two guitars played in perfect sync | edgy cover songs that are refreshingly atypical | (Kira) lead guitar and bass note pick'en blend well with Ali's rhythm guitar, GENRES: Acoustic, Alternative, Americana, Folk, Rock

Seeking Babylon
Above: Alli (center), Kira (right) and Kati (left) entertain at The Kiln (A.M. Booth's Lumberyard). The musicality of Alli's lead vocal with Kira's and Kati's harmonies is a pleasure to the ear.

Hold onto your “sox” when you hear the group Seeking Babylon. Alli, Kira and Kati formed a Trio from the Alli & Kira duo. We saw them at The Salty Nut Brewery recently. Interesting name for their band, I thought. I was transported immediately to my 9th grade History class. (Minus the beer in my hand.)
Babylon was a *Major city in Mesopotamia…. * The usual struggle to stay in power, given the wars all around it in 2300 B.C…. *Great location between the Euphrates River and that other one…. ( I forgot it on the quiz, too)  While I heard the women play their hearts and souls out, I tried to piece together the puzzle (my own, admittedly) of how they chose the name. Babylon as used in Reggae music refers to the materialistic, capitalistic world.  I think I heard that one back in the day when Bob Marley was my favorite cassette of choice. I may not be correct in my assertion that this may have influenced them, because Mesopotamia is a cool name too. However, given the Indy Folk-Rock vibe of the group, I think it makes sense. When I interview Alli, Kira, and Kati, I will ask.
Seeking Babylon does grrrrreat cover tunes, with their own tweak to every song. They did a Bare Naked Ladies song that was super.  In fact, all of the songs performed were incredibly well–executed. It is note-worthy to mention the precision with which Alli and Kira play their acoustic guitars. The subtle, softer sections crescendoing to louder, “pay attention to me” portions of compositions, accompanied by Kati's percussion will make you realize these are three serious musicians. You can’t end a phrase or a song with such precision, after playing like a full speed freight train, without lots of practice.  Lots and lots of practice.
The same goes for their perfectly executed harmonies. Rich, bold and blended; perfectly in sync.
Next to the Conga drum Kati played I noticed her flute. We did not hear her play it because we needed to leave a bit early. I look forward to hear Kati play it in the future.  I suggest you catch these very talented women as soon as you can. Seeking Babylon, rock on, baby. Check their schedule below or visit their Facebook page in case we've missed any of their local events.
Seeking Babylon @ the Kiln

parkerParker's Take:

The first I thing I noticed is how much I enjoyed Kira and Kati harmonizing in support of Alli, or when Alli and Kati did the same for Kira. Their all-female vocals sound both cutting and sweet at the same time, in sharp contrast to bands that include male leads or backup singers. With each song I enjoyed the initial solo vocal while patiently awaiting the harmonies to kick in!
Annabelle leaned over and complimented the ease that guitarist/lead singer Alli played with vocalist/guitarist Kira and how precise their mutual timing was. I could not agree more. Every pause in a song, every chord strum and notes of emphasis were done in precise unison. Said another way, they were in sync with each other.
Kati is a recent addition to Alli and Kira’s act and she brings a drive to the band only possible with a percussion section. She played her cymbal topped conga drum with ease while filling out the vocal harmonies.
There are many local bands playing all too familiar cover songs, particularly those from the classic rock era.  Babylon’s song selection tended to be in the edgy realm and were unfamiliar to me… yet I enjoyed them because of their edginess as well as the harmonies.  In fact, each of the 10 or so songs were heard were great to listen to.
This is not to say they don’t do classic songs. They did a few.  Annabelle and I looked at each other in surprise and delight when they started the Rolling Stone’s You Can’t Always Get What You Want.  And they did it with their own stamp.  When the song was over, both Annabelle and I agreed it was better than the original.
We’re fans.

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