Live Music Venue Shagnasty's Grubbery and Pour House (Bar & Grill), Huntsville, Alabama

Large patio for rocking out, fenced in for privacy | inside ample space | smoking | plenty of dart boards

Shagnasty's Grubbery and Pour House (Bar & Grill)
Above:  Shagnasty's Grubbery and Pour House hard rockin' patio. The L*A*R*G*E well raised stage says Shagnasty's isn't going to do live music half way. A privacy fence surrounds the patio.  Inside of Shagnasty's is more than sufficient to handle music during adverse weather, 'tho doing so would make them mere mortals. Outside is where it's at. In case you are wondering, those are chrome exhaust pipes decorating the fence. On stage Sunset Guns with their behemoth speakers and take-no-prisoners bass guitar-drum throbbing sound had every head in the audience looking their way.

Parker's Take:

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Let’s get to the point. It was a perfect first date. Have you had one of those? The atmosphere, the surroundings, the company, sounds and sights in perfect alignment. You start wondering, could this be true? Have I found ‘the one’?
Such was my first visit at the newly opened (April 2018) Shagnasty's Grubbery and Pour House. The power-classic rock band Sunset Guns pounced on the patio’s raised stage – a stage big enough for two bands and a guest bedroom. Behind the wooden privacy fence one could see tall trees swaying in the breeze (or was it Sunset Gun’s massive bass guitar-drum driven music?) 
The patio feels like ‘outside’ with an intimacy of ‘inside’. Perfect.
Food and service on this first date were outstanding. Check out their menu.  ‘Tho prices are subject to change, my hamburger (with enough fries for two) and a Coor’s Light were a mere $10. The burger tasted like quality meat and they were not using Wonder-like Bread for their buns. Yummy. The service, delivery, and follow-up were also pleasant surprises, especially considering the number of people packing the patio.
There’s an outside bar and a larger bar inside; customers can enjoy everything from beer to whiskey. Speaking of inside – the large L-shaped facility sports a half dozen dart boards and plenty of space for music during adverse weather. Smoking is allowed.
Located in the same parking lot as the Hot Spot bar. The parking area is large.
Like I said – this was a perfect first date.  And first dates do not necessarily equal what you get the next time.  But as a student of management, I look for all the little things that says management is on the ball, know what they want and need, and is making it happen. That came across loud and clear inside Shagnasty's and outside on the patio.
Can’t wait for our next date!
Above: Photo has been brightened. The burger never stood a chance. Nor the fries.

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