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Live Music Venue SiP (Cigar Lounge and Bar), Huntsville, Alabama

Ventilated cigar lounge | walk in humidor |smoke free bar lounge | full bar with premium coffee and espresso.


Parker's Take:

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Although we don't smoke cigars, we were impressed with the casual elegance of SiP. The bar offers classy mixed drinks and premium coffee. There are comfortable chairs and couches conducive to quiet conversation. For those that smoke cigars, there is a ventilated smoking lounge. And if you buy cigars, there's a special room filled with all sorts of imported wares you'll want to peruse.
Parts of SipAbove: There's a (smoke free) bar where you can order crafted drinks like the 'Blackberry Mule' shown in lower left. Sitting areas like the one above are classy and intimate (and specially ventilated) where one can smoke a cigar or sip a drink. Jess, pictured above, helped us select the perfect cigar - chocolate and cherry flavored. Yum! There's also seating outside.
Date of last visit: 27 Oct 2017

SiP (Cigar Lounge and Bar) doesn't have any live music scheduled, that we know of.

You may wish to visit their website or Facebook etc or even give them a call to obtain the latest music schedule.

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