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Stem and Stein Wine Cellar and Bar
Above: Ben Luthy of Falcon Punch plays to the crowd on the Stem and Stein patio. Music moves inside during inclement weather.
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Stem and Stein in Madison boasts over 800 wine selections and hundreds of beer choices! Upon arriving, you will notice the second little inside dining area hosts the selections. If this seems overwhelming to you, never fear. There is a sommelier on duty to help you decide which wine or beer pairs well with your food selection. Oh my! What a selection.
There is a full menu to select the perfect food item to satisfy your cravings.  On the night we visited with our sister Mary June, we were in the mood for appetizers. After much consideration, we finally settled on the Cheese Board, and Jim’s Cheese Dip with chips. There was an abundance of smoked gouda, cheddar, and melted brie to accompany a pleasing assortment of crackers and crostini. The specialty cheese dip was a superb blend of melted cheddar, diced pimentos, diced jalapenos, and just a hint of sautéed hamburger meat. Don’t let that deter you. It is not overloaded. Stem & Stein knows that “less is more”.
Above: Two of our three appetizers. May it RIP, our soft pretzels did not make the photo shoot.
There are several unique salads to choose from, home made soup, and lots of sandwiches.  It was a hard decision, and next time we already decided we will order the fresh mozzarella, tomato, balsamic vinegar served on crostini. (View the food menu here) Or maybe the specialty pizzas, or the puff pastry asparagus… For this visit, the appetizers were perfect.  Mary June  ordered the unoaked Chardonnay and I had the Pinot Grigio. Both were excellent. (And we indulged ourselves with refills.)
Above: "I've always wanted to travel to far away places."
Above: Stem & Stein says there are over 800 Wines and the night of our visit a sommelier stood by to help with wine choice.
We sat outside on the very large patio area. It was filled to capacity when we arrived at 5:45, so we availed ourselves of the benches in a way back corner. Parker spotted an empty table with a “reserved” sign on it. He requested that we be first in line if the party didn’t show. After 30 minutes of missing the reserved time, the waitress came to give us the good news. We now had back, center seats, and we were able to see and hear the entertainment perfectly! Word to the wise: call and set up a reservation on the patio if you want to hear your favorite artist. We will certainly do that next time.
Stem & Stein offers you an unhurried, relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy the entertainment and your friends. The band area is roomy, the wait staff helpful and pleasant, food is delicious, and I can’t  wait to return! It is an easy location to find in Madison, so venture out and treat yourself.

Parker's Take:

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Stem & Stein has heart. You can tell by the 800 types of wine (literally) whose five shelves comprised ¼ of the available inside wall space. To that, add a sommelier who stands by waiting to help with your wine choices and food-wine pairings. The three appetizers we ordered with Unoaked Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio were a home run. We look forward to our next visit!
Music is performed inside or outside. We were fortunate to have good weather for an evening of live music with Ben Luthy of Falcon Punch. Ben played acoustic  guitar, sang originals and cover tunes, to the delight of his fans (many of them in attendance) , and new listeners as well. It was the first time I heard Ben play live.
The Stem & Stein food menu, bottled beers and wine list is available on their website at  We ordered the Soft Pretzel Trio, the Cheese Board and Nachos. Without exaggeration they were a hit with all three of us: Annabelle, sister Mary June and I.  Both Annabelle and Mary June can be quite hard on restaurant foods they don’t like, so when both gave a thumbs up, I knew the food was as good as the word on the street. Even the presentation – like the cheese on a cutting board and several dipping sauces surrounding a cone of soft pretzels added to the ambience.
Take a look at some of the other choices on the food menu. We hope to partake on the next visit. Think I'll try the pizza.
Occasionally you will see airplanes on landing approach flying overhead. None were too noisy but the first was a surprise for sure.  Mary June said she could almost see the pilot wave.
One word of advice… call and reserve a table on music nights.  Several of the tables had reservation signs and we  found ourselves on a side-bench for the evening. Fortunately there was a “no-show” and  we got lucky.  I talked to the waitress later and she said “when Ben Luthy plays, you’d  better make reservations at least a couple of days ahead of time.”  We agree!
A big thumbs up for Stem & Stein.
Date of visit: 1 June 2017

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