Live Music Venue Sugar Belle Bakery Shop, Huntsville, Alabama

Supports local music with open mic night | unique in that they sell bakery items like cupcakes, brownies, cookies and more |coffee & tea

Sugar Belle Bakery Shop
Above: 2/3rds of "Owls and Other Animals" play their original songs at Sugar Belle.  The non-alcoholic/non-smoking Sugar Belle, offering delicious (we tested!) baked goods with coffee and tea, would be a perfect place to introduce children to open mic and artists.  Note the comfy couch. Annabelle and I had one of our most enjoyable open mic experiences (as an audience member) yet.

Parker's Take

Sugar Belle is like a laid-back bakery shop with an assortment of "Willy Wonka" like fresh baked goods – cupcakes (and more) each seemingly with their own look and personality. It is family friendly – just the kind of place to satisfy that sweet tooth and enjoy some original songs from the open mic. It would also be a great place to have a young aspiring musician try their first open mic.
Annabelle and I were forced by duty to have a couple of cupcakes along with tea and coffee. MMmm… yum.  I of course purchased the most chocolate looking cupcake while Annabelle went for vanilla/apricot.
Unfortunately, and may it rest in peace, my poor chocolate cupcake met its fate before I had a chance to take a photo of it. I was able to snap a pic of Annabelle’s however. Her cupcake reminded me of a southern belle in full dress!
cup cake
There are plenty of tables as well as two couches face-to-face.  The staff was very pleasant and helpful. Staff and audience seemed to be enjoying the ‘Belle and the music, including us.
The open mic is normally hosted by SarahJayne of The Retrovales, a fav of ours.
Open mics can sometimes be hit and miss in terms of music quality. And what you hear one week may not be as good or might be better than another.  But the night we were there, every player was a home run.
There’s not much more we can say about Sugar Belle other than next time you are hankering for some sweet bakery goods give them a try. And if you are a music fan check out their open mic night.
Date of last visit: Jan 19, 2017

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