Sunset Guns playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Influences Sting, Glenn Hughes, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Humble Pie, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Billy Cobham, Zeppelin, Cream, Beatles, Hendrix, McCartney, Trapeze and more., GENRES: Angry Blues, Classic Rock, Rock

Sunset Guns

parkerParker's Take:

Triple dose steroids with rocket boosters. That’s classic rock music from Sunset Guns.
Here’s the thing.  I’ve stood just miles from several space shuttle launches. The beating of the low frequencies during lift off can’t be recorded on camera.  It can’t be described. It has to be experienced.
In the same way bass player Bobby Hendricks and drummer Guy Rockhill pound out a low end that must be experienced. No words or video can describe it. They are masters at what they do.
It’s more than multi-mic'd drums and bass guitar amplifiers that dimmed the lights in Huntsville when turned on. 
You FEEL the bass drum and bass guitar working together in all the right places and all the right times.
Layered on that is keyboardist Matt Shook who effortlessly switches back and forth between two keyboards one atop the other – one a crying organ and the other a synth that does Matt’s bidding at will.
Matt Shook and Bobby Hendricks alternate with lead vocals and both are excellent. Guitarist Jimmy Rusidoff adds in harmony. Between the three of them, the vocals cut through to the listener.
Some of us who lived through Rock’s classic years remember the instrumental jamming that sometimes took a 3 minute song and made it 10. Sunset Guns plays homage to that on occasion but thankfully finds a balance between vocals and instrumentals. Jimmy Rusidoff knows his way around the guitar neck and so the instrumental interludes are both enjoyable and meaningful. He and bassist Bobby Hendicks work off of each other and put on an enjoyable stage show.
Kudos to audio engineer Eric Wear who kept the sound in balance - no easy task when the dynamic range of songs ran from a whisper (in rare moments...) to a sonic boom. Vocals especially are easy to loose and Eric kept them right where they needed to be in the mix.
To venue owners out there, take note that they (especially bassist Bobby Henricks) know how to nudge the crowd to enjoy themselves… consume more and consume often.  It’s all in good spirit, and it was obvious everyone on the patio was transfixed on the band. All heads glued toward the stage.
By the way, when one song ends you have time for one breath before the next one starts.

If you want your classic rock rocked, give them a try.

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