Support's Improvement Roadmap

We hope saves you time! That's our goal - to maximize your live music enjoyment by minimizing the time you spend researching what's available! Since our humble first page in 2016, many people have told us how much has helped them.

But we want more!

We've created a 'roadmap' to list the improvements we aim to make - not only on the website, but through apps, emails and audio on Amazon's Alexa!

If you think we provide a valuable community service and you enjoy the benefits of this website, please consider clicking on the DONATE button above. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and enable us to move towards achieving the road map.

Improvement Roadmap

First, our goal is to be the communications hub that makes finding and enjoying live music of every type and level in Huntsville quick, easy and exciting.

Second, we want to be a willing partner to promote other entities and organizations in Huntsville who support live music.

Third, people today receive information using many 'platforms'. Our website is good but more is needed.

We want to deliver live music to people's phones via a phone app that uses data from our master event calendar.

Forth, we want to stand up a system to provide music fans with their own, personal emailed music schedule list on a frequency that they choose.

Fifth, we want to create 'skills' for Amazon's Alexa as well, so that people can get the low down on their favorite genres and musicians. We hope you will help us achieve this for all who love the musicians, the venues and most of all the joy that music brings.

--Carl Thomas & Rick Dieffenbach Founders/owners, LLC