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The Wolves of Chernobyl playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

"Post Apocalyptic Folk" | played as if told by traveling folk musicians | Bluegrass sounding | Banjo and standup bass | strong female and male lead singers | mostly original songs, GENRE: Folk

The Wolves of Chernobyl

From the Band:

The Wolves of Chernobyl came from the desire to tell stories set in a place in which the feared calamities that haunt the zeitgeist all come to pass in one way or another, with the stories told by traveling folk musicians. Weaving in fictional elements, The Wolves songs are grounded in emotional reality, and pivot around the idea that even in the worst of times we can grow, learn, adapt, and thrive.

In 2016, The Wolves have played Austin, TX during SXSW and the Red Gorilla Fest, and have successfully crowdfunded their first full length record, folk opera stage show, and scripted podcast through Kickstarter where they have been selected as a Kickstarter "Staff Pick". The Wolves have been selected as finalist for Birmingham Mountain Radio's Battle of the Bands, 15 Best Discoveries of 2015 (, Whistlestop Finalist (2015-2016), and have been licensed by the Discovery Network, MTV, and Roadtrip Nation on PBS.

Telling tales of the apocalypse with the music of Appalachia at the edge of the firelight, reminding the remnants that the hurt can make for a stronger pack"

The Wolves of Chernobyl are made up of Tyler Nafe, Jon Seals, Ben Jobe, Victoria Olivares, Michael Hauser, Dan Williams and Sean Fung-A-Fat who play post apocalyptic progressive bluegrass/folk rock from Huntsville and Athens, AL

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