Live Music Venue Tim's Cajun Kitchen, Huntsville, Alabama

Cajun/creole specialty | serves lunch and dinner | beer & wine | Festival "Mardi Gras" bar area | Comedy/Private event room | Non-smoking restaurant and ok-to-smoke bar room

Tim's Cajun Kitchen
Above: The Jennifer K. McClure Band entertains an enthusiastic Friday night audience at Tim's Cajun Kitchen. This is the bar room which is decorated in New Orleans Mardi Gras style. Adjacent to the bar is a sound isolated comedy/private event room, which featured a stand-up comedian at the same time Annabelle and I reveled in the JKM Band. Finally, a non-smoking restaurant area is available for those wanting a quieter setting.

Parker's Take

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How have we not found this place before?, Annabelle leaned over and said to me as we sipped our first beer and watched the Jennifer Kaye McClure band set up. I thought, but didn’t say, “prejudice.”
We’ve been trying to visit every venue on this website since launching Huntsville Music in Jul 2017. I had a preconceived notion that Tim’s Cajun Kitchen would be like one of the small Cajun food shacks I experienced in and near New Orleans. Authentic, yes, but not some place I would want to spend any time at. So, I was in no rush to visit.
Was I wrong! Big time. My preconceived notions were totally blown away in the first 5 minutes!
Tim’s Cajun Kitchen is surprisingly large and consists of three main areas – the restaurant, the bar area and the comedy/event room. There is a large parking area. Yet there was barely a parking space and barely a free table inside. I think that says a lot about the popularity of this twenty year old business.
We had a marvelous time on our first visit to Tim’s Cajun Kitchen. The food we ordered – check, the entertainment – check (Fri nights), the wait staff – check, the atmosphere fun and upbeat – check. Checks across the board. 
Tim’s Cajun Kitchen features live music on Friday nights.  Their Facebook page isn’t always updated with this information, unfortunately. But now that we know, we'll come back.
The bar area where music is performed was tarped from the outside due to the cool weather, but it’s easy to see how the room would transform when warmer days arrive. The grill behind the musicians in the photo at top can make this inside room feel outside.
The atmosphere of the bar room is enhanced by the New Orleans Mardi Gras decorations.  Often bar room decorations basically fill in a void so *something* is on the walls. But in Tim’s Cajun Kitchen's case it was so well done and clever that both Annabelle and I commented how much it added to our evening’s enjoyment.
Definitely we will be back on another Friday night!
(For our visit, the Jennifer Kaye McClure band performed. Read more about them here.)
Both Annabelle and I have been to New Orleans several times over the years and had sampled our share of Cajun food. We crossed our fingers after ordering an appetizer of crab-boiled shrimp (“one-half pound of spicy shrimp served with cocktail sauce”) and a Tim's Special: ("Crawfish cake, Crawfish etouffee and Jumbalaya”).
Here's my detailed review of our meal: Delish. Excellent. Yum.
They've posted their food menu on Facebook.
Above: Our main dish. Yum.
Above: Our appetizer started with "one-half pound of spicy shrimp". Alas, the poor shrimp were too impatient to wait for my camera...
Our waitress Anna Marie and bartender made us feel welcome, checked back frequently but not over frequently, and was very warm and friendly for the entire night.  Annabelle and I were enjoying the night so much that each of us managed to spill our share of beer on the table and floor (We were not drunk just clumsy that night).  Anna Marie smiled, took care of business, and brought us more. As we were leaving she waved and called our names from across the room to wish us farewell. We felt like we’d made a new friend.  That’s service.
I took a few minutes and stepped into the adjacent room through a closed door. This helps with keeping comedy in the comedy room and music in the bar area.
I heard a couple of jokes but decided to get back to the Jennifer K McClure band. But you might check it out on a Friday night. Check with Tim’s to insure an act is scheduled.
I wish Tim’s Cajun Kitchen had been one of the first venues we visited rather than taking the better part of a year to get there. It definitely was a happening place on a Friday night. Annabelle and I had a blast - from the food to the music to the service and atmosphere - A+.
(Be aware that this was our first visit and it will take at least 10-30 more to be sure that everything is as good as this time.  :) )
Date of last visit: 17 Feb 2018
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When you hear the name “Tim’s Cajun Kitchen” and you think of fine, fresh seafood cooked any way you can imagine, you would be correct. But Tim’s is SO much more! For starters, it is way larger than any place with such a straight- forward name like that. There is a large quiet dining room, a good sized bar and live music area, and a private, large area used for a Comedy Club the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of the month. Tim’s certainly offers its patrons lots of choices, and I don’t only mean the spaces.
There are catfish, oysters, shrimp and crawfish delicacies to meet even the most finicky person. Tim will prepare your Cajun meal to your liking. Whether you are in the mood for a Down Home Luzianna  Po’ Boy , or a full Fisherman’s Platter with all the delectable trimmings and sides you can handle, I promise you will savor every bite. Whether fried to perfection or boiled, you will be appreciative of Tim’s skill in cooking seafood.
Tim’s also cuts its beef on premises to ensure it meets Tim’s high standards. Besides the expected burgers, the restaurant offers a Rib-Eye steak. This particular night Parker and I were accompanied by Constant Companion-Mary June, and she is a connoisseur of Rib Roast and Rib-Eye steaks. I also love a good steak, especially a Rib-Eye. So we both ordered our steaks rubbed with Cajun spices. Tim did not overdo it, like so many places may have. I decided to go for the 12 ounce, and Mary June ordered the 8 ounce, “medium rare, more rare”. Our waitress, who is undoubtedly the BEST server this side of the Mississippi, translated the order to read “rare”, knowing the Chef’s cooking style. Both of our steaks arrived perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked and were tender and juicy. In a word: Incredible.
Above: Rib-Eye with cajun spices, a side of shrimp, twice baked potatoes, ocra and roll.
Mary June had ordered a baked potato and the green bean casserole to accompany her meal. I opted for the Stuffed potato and fried okra. Both were delicious. We were in Heaven!  The ocra had a thin crust, a dusting of corn meal, and was prepared perfectly; not greasy in the least. The stuffed potato (more commonly known as a Twice Baked potato) reminded me of a holiday dinner.   Parker ordered the Seafood Salad, which may not sound like much, but he had ordered it before and enjoyed it so much, he ordered it again! It is a salad with the expected lettuce and veggies, but it is loaded with boiled, tender shrimps, crab and other fish. He was thrilled and ate every bite.
Above: Parker's seafood salad.
To add to our dining enjoyment, our server, Anna Marie guided us with choices along the way. She is an expertly skilled server and advisor. Given the large beer and food menus, you will appreciate that. Anna Marie takes care of so many people with such ease, and always a smile on her face, it boggles my mind. She is a server who is there when you need her, but never hovering. Chef/Owner Tim often roams through the restaurant, speaking with his patrons when time allows. He makes the time. Beware: he enjoys showing off the occasional giant crawfish ( alive), and may come walking your way with what looks like a mini lobster.
I highly recommend you visit Tim’s Cajun Kitchen as soon as you can gather a group of friends together who want to share some great Cajun Étouffe, Jambalaya, Boudin, sandwiches, Seafood or steaks! Drinks and meals are reasonably priced.  Decorations are amusing to look at and I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your faces. Before you go on over to Tim’s Cajun Kitchen in Huntsville, loosen your belts, or better yet, just don’t wear one.
Date of last visit: 17 Mar 2018

Upcoming live music at Tim's Cajun Kitchen:

... Jul 10, 2020 6:00 pm-9:00
mix of blues, rock and jazz | fast and precise finger picking | steel slide guitar | can channel 1930's Robert Johnson, or play guitar like in a Windham Hill song | Rock too. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Instrumentals
mix of blues, rock and jazz | fast and precise finger picking | steel slide guitar | can channel 1930's Robert Johnson, or play guitar like in a Windham Hill song | Rock too. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Instrumentals