Travis Posey playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Plays and sings the blues | excellent and careful use of slide-guitar | has the vocal chops and finger skills to make it all work, GENRES: Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Soul, Southern Rock

Travis Posey
Above: Travis Posey's relaxed approach to the blues shows in his presentation on stage - relaxed and connected to his instrument, mic and audience. Here he is performing at the Hot Spot Bar & Grill. You can also catch him as a guitarist in The Dozens - rock band we were most impressed with as well.

parkerParker's Take:

If you like blues and blues-flavored music, try Travis Posey. The thing about blues, and Travis nails this, is that the singer and the music must work as one to be effective. Travis knows when to hit a chord in just the right way and right time, then switch effortlessly to slide-guitar and answer-back lead all while connecting with the audience through his confident vocals. It’s the blues, after all.
On occasion Travis will use a “looper”*, but never to the extent that it calls attention to itself. I feel artists sometimes overuse looping technology. This is not the case with Posey.
Lastly, his singing is as confident as his guitar playing, and as relaxed.  Blues needs the proper balance of tension and relaxation to work. 
His performance at the Hot Spot Bar & Grill was a solo affair, but you can also catch him with The Dozens, where his bluesy guitar brings a depth to the group effort.
Like Travis, I was flying solo that night, with Annabelle home not feeling well. After describing my enjoyment of his blues music, she demanded a return visit the next time our schedule and Travis's allowed... "and soon"... she was heard to say.
And we will.
* a “looper” allows the artist to record his guitar live on stage, then repeat it while adding additional playing with live guitar (and for some artists, vocals as well).
date of visit: 28 Aug 2016

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