Live Music Sponsor Listen Local Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama

Sponsors special local singer-songwriter events, aiming to promote the Huntsville live music scene. Tickets required. All performers on the stage at once in "round-robbin" fashion. Fun!

Listen Local Huntsville
Above: On the stage are four singer-songwriters at a Listen Local Huntsville event (Nov 3, 2016).  From left to right: James Parker, Logan Bowden, Steven Jackson and Alan Little.  Each player introduces their song with a story about its genesis.  After a while you'll get a good sense of a performer's strengths (vocals, lyrical, melodic) and style of music. It's a fun experience and you learn quite a bit about how the songwriting process works. You might even find a new favorite local musician to follow.

Annabelle and Parker's Take:

What’s a Listen Local Huntsville event? Typically there are four local singer-songwriters on stage. Each song is introduced by its writer with a background story. Often these stories of "inspiration and perspiration" are told with a fair amount of humor.
Why would you want to go to one of these events, paying ticket fees of $20, instead of simply going to an area restaurant and listening to local talent perform?
I had the same question before attending my first Listen Local Huntsville event.
(To be honest, I will still go to bars and restaurants to enjoy the local musical talent.  But I will also attend subsequent Listen Local Huntsville music events.  Here’s why…)
First, these are selected musicians, who have been pre-screened by Listen Local Huntsville.
I remember one open mic we attended a few months ago at a local restaurant where Annabelle and I wanted to run out the door after hearing a couple of the performers “play”.  That should not happen at a Listen Local Huntsville event.
But that’s still not reason enough to go.
The reason to go to a Listen Local Huntsville event is to hear something you can’t at a typical live music scene – song-writers side by side, each playing some of their best work. It’s like listening to music in stereo – there’s a three dimensionality about it. By having the singer-songwriters on the stage together, you get to compare and contrast their different styles, talents, and delivery.  The result is you learn not only about their song-writing and performance skills, but you also learn about your own preferences and why you may like one artist over another.
As I watched and listened to the four musicians, there was one who played killer rhythm accompaniment, one that played guitar licks as easily as I breathe, one whose vocals and lyrics took me away with every phrase and word, and another whose emotions connected so well with his songs that we felt connected to his songs.
So that’s why I will return to the next Listen Local Huntsville event. Because they will be enjoyable to listen to, and I will learn more about my own musical preferences.
Now… one more thing. The Listen Local Huntsville event I attended (Nov 3, 2016) was sponsored, one of which was Yellow Hammer Brewing. Annabelle and I enjoyed some craft beers and… I must admit… went back for seconds.  Luckily we had a designated driver take us home!  We had a rock’n good time.
The space for this event at the Von Braun Center was quite large but still intimate, and because it was local musicians performing, there were plenty of family and friends in the audience.  This atmosphere made it a family fun event.  We liked that. We liked that a lot.
We recommend you try one of the events on for size – You’ll be helping local musicians, and have a blast yourself in a family fun atmosphere. We hope to meet you there!
Listen Local Huntsville is an organization that aims to promote live music performed and written by Huntsville area musicians.  They sponsor several live music events each year. These are currently held at the Von Braun Center.
Their vision is:
"We believe that by showcasing, promoting, and supporting local singer-songwriters we will fundamentally transform the live listening entertainment culture of Huntsville Alabama."
For the latest events, go to
Date of last visit Nov 3, 2016

Upcoming live music at Listen Local Huntsville:

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